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Monday, May 14, 2007

"Hot and windy" is actually much worse than "uphill and in pain."

Major setback!!!

So I dropped the kids off with Jean (who is a saint, and I do not deserve a sister like her) and tried to do a 5-mile run today. Except it was 90 degrees with wind gusts of oh, maybe 800 miles per hour. OK, says 88 degrees and 21 MPH winds. Same difference. At one point the wind was blowing so hard I was seriously running in place. And with 34% humidity (man I love the internets!) I was about as miserable as a person can be. My head got so hot and I was dripping with sweat and that was at the 30-minute mark. It took me an hour to do a little under 5 miles. I walked almost the whole last half. It was terrible, just terrible.

Well the kids are napping so I'm going to do a crossword and make dinner. Hungarian Goulash -- my mom promised it was good.

PS I cut about 2.5" off Lucy's hair last night and I daresay she is adorable.

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Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

If we were meant to run miles at a time without stopping, God would have created all of us as twins: one to run and one to give chase.