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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wait, I've seen this movie. Only I'm prettier than Bill Murray.

It's going to be difficut for me to adjust to every. Day. Being. The same.

I am not sure what I had thought -- that I was going to get to go to work this weekend? Or, like, on a vacation somewhere? Because I was a little shocked to find that Saturday and Sunday were eerily similar to the rest of the week. Only, with a large blond man also taking up space in the house. And goofing up my feeding/nap schedule.

Oh! Okay, I have held this in long enough. Have you seen those new McDonald's billboards?

"Let us add the cream and sugar."


I'm no marketing guru, but I don't get these ads at all. First of all, who's the the "us"? Is it McDonald's, as in, "No, no, let US do it!" or is it like a collective "us," as in "Let us all rejoice and together we will add cream and sugar!"

So I happened to be at McDonald's for breakfast shortly after these ads came out. (They're mostly billboards here in the Twin Cities, and they are omnipresent.) And I ordered a coffee, and because the ads seemed so blasted adamant, I said:

"... and a small coffee. With LOTS of cream, and a little bit of sugar" (because this is how I like my coffee, and I'm particular about it, it has to end up the right color or I cannot drink it)

and the girl kind of squinted at me and said "Do you want to just do it yourself?"

YES! Of course I do! I don't even trust the "baristas" at a place that specializes in coffee to add my cream and sugar; I'm sure as heck not going to entrust the creaming-and-sugaring of my coffee to a McDonald's employee.

So anyway, totally hate the ads. They just make me want coffee, which I'd honestly prefer not to get at McDonald's anyway.

And! We rented "American Dreamz" last night. It's a movie. With Hugh Grant and Dennis Quaid and a bunch of other people I really like. The movie is cheesy, to be sure, but JG and I LOVED it. Okay, now, I know that I also really like "American Idol" which the movie is sorta based on, but it was just a really cute movie and oh man the baby's screaming gotta go...


Katers said...

That is so funny about the McD's. This morning, Bree and I were heading home from Holly's bachlorette party and stopped for coffee. We ordered coffee (mine with creme and bridget's with both) and instead they just gave is our cups with a bag full of about 15 cream and sugar packets. Lazy bums! Seriously, what is the point of the ads if they aren't doing it???

Old Neighborina Nicole said...

Meg, you crack me up! Here's my take: I think this whole cream and sugar business is just a little confusing for Midwesterners. Pat and I love traveling to Boston because that city is full of Dunkin' Donuts, and they serve the BEST coffee ... and when you order a "regular" coffee, it comes with 1 cream and 1 sugar already mixed in. Delish! So I think you just need to know how you like your coffee and tell them -- none or 1 or 2 or 3 creams with none or 1 or 2 or 3 packets of sugar. Once you get that down, "letting them add the cream and sugar" doesn't seem so bad.

But, I do have to agree, if you are going to go through the trouble of buying a cup of coffee, I wouldn't choose McD's.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

The whole "every day being the same" thing is much easier to avoid in the summer when you can go to the park and the zoo and take walks and stuff like that. Although once you get some good snow it'll be fun to take the kids sledding and stuff! There's a playdate Abby will never have. *sigh* Makes me a little sad, really. Guess we'll have to take her up to the mountains so she'll at least see the stuff!

Anyway, you should try to get a rotation going with other SAHMs--take turns at each other's houses so you at least have a reason to get out of the house. Or the mall--ours has a little kiddie play area, although I'd be sure to hose your kids down with Purell and give them a heck of a lot of vitamin C, since those places are insane with germs. I take Abby to a baby gym--the park district may have something like that that is cheaper than My Gym, which is where we go, but it gives you one day a week at least to get out and see other people and let the kid(s) play.

Or you can do what I do: Monday is Laundry Day, Tuesday is cleaning the kitchen... :)


Heather said...

Hi Meg! We have season passes to the MN Zoo and can bring a guest for free. And Ed would be free. Not sure if they would charge Lucy admission or not. I think under 2 is free. Let's plan a day to go to the zoo with the kids. Even if it's crummy outside, we can still walk around inside! I usually have to teach at 4:00, but that still leaves us plenty of time!

The Pudwells said...

Hi Meg! What are Lucy and Ed dressing up as for Halloween?? How about you and Joel? Scott and the dogs are manning(beagling?) the house tonight for the trick or treaters and I'm taking Josher out on the town. We got him to say "Trick or treat" last night, and he knows "Candy" (but I'm not sure where he learned THAT one from) and "pumpkin" sounds like "munkit," but we're working on it! Have a fun time tonight! : )

Anonymous said...

I am drinking McDonalds coffee now!! I bet it's better than some cheesy American Idol movie ;) I wish we had Dunkin' Doughnuts. Remember, "the immediate is often the enemy of the ultimate"-Indira Gandhi