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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Snot in my brain

Hooeee, that was one long night.
Ed did not sleep last night. Well okay. He went down at 8 and slept until approximately 11. Then he was up until, maybe 1? It's all a blur. Anyway he was awake again at 4, I think. Alternating between crying and just talking. He just wasn't sleepy. It was very weird.
And of course Lucy was up wanting a drink of water at like 3.
And I am very tired.
And I have a cold, blast it all.


bridget said...

But hey, only 1 more day right? Good luck to you! -Bree

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

I feel your pain. I practically never stay awake until midnight, but last night I did, and was just getting comfy as Will started throwing up. Nicole got him and his crib cleaned up, then he threw up a couple of more times and never slept more than a few hours at a stretch last night. Of course, he woke up Owen around 5 a.m. and everybody was in a roaring mood at 7. Their poor mom. I hope she's sleeping now. I had to work today, but compared to her mom-job, it's gravy. I'm tempted to shut the door to my office, put the phone on "forward," make 'em think I'm in a big meeting and take a little zzzzz ... . At least the weekend's a-comin' and we can recharge the batteries a bit.

Jean said...

My guess is that there's a tooth on the way. Check those gums!