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Monday, March 13, 2006

one-handed typing

working on getting more photos up -- there are more i promise!

1st day home with both kids (jg at work) was heaven, believe it or not.

had an awesome blizzard here this morning.

having heartburn (why on earth NOW?).

will try to write more tomorrow.


Rebecca said...

How big is Eddie???? SO BIG! (Same size as Adam was...only Ed was 2 weeks late and Adam was a week early). He is so precious!

Anyways, hope you are feeling better (yucky heartburn) and are recovering well (yucky stitches). Seems like the Gronau family is settling into a new routine. Enjoy your days at home and thanks for keeping us posted even though I'm sure you have plenty to do! Much love, Beck

Nicole P. said...

Hi Meg! You look so beautiful in this picture -- So happy and so content! Lucy looks like a little angel and JG has the rad Albatross shirt on -- love it! Eddie looks great, and I can't wait to see more pics. How long are you home with the kids for?? Take care, Nicole