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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bust at the doc's

Joel and I met at the doc's office at 3 today, only to find out that my doc was called into surgery at the last minute and was unavailable. Could I see someone else? Well, sure, no problem. We waited another 20 minutes, only to find out that the only "someone else" available...
KT, the nurse-practitioner who, last July, informed me I was certainly NOT pregnant. Remember this? "How sure are you?" we asked. "100% sure."

Remember this?

I blanched.

I would not, could not see this nurse.
I could not, would not, to be terse.
I would not see this nurse, KT.
I could not see her, no sirree!

So I burst into tears and asked to reschedule for tomorrow. So... I'm supposed to go in tomorrow. More news to come at that time.


peggles said...

i heard it was dr suess's birthday today. you probably already knew that, which is why you wrote that peom. or is it a haiku? oh, i'm not sure. but i am sure glad that you did not see KT the NP! i am still sending you telepathic uterine contractions!

Meg said...

Peg, I totally did NOT know it was Dr. Seuss's bday!! What a happy coincidence!
Peg, seriously, I maybe want to talk to you about this KT-the-NP situation... should I write a letter, or something, or ask to speak with her in person? I cried for like two hours last night just thinking about having to face her and being so grateful I didn't acquiesce and trust Gus to her care yesterday. Oof.

CarolSue said...

I think Gus took a look at your baby pool and really wants his/her mommy to win - so that's why he/she is waiting until TODAY to be born. What a thoughtful child! :)