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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Well, it's been a week -- 1 week and 2 days.
And 2 snowstorms...
And 2 visits from grandpa...
And 1 business trip for Joel...
And 8 loads of laundry...
And 93 email messages...
And 0 (zero!) crying fits for me!

When Lucy was born, I cried for, like, a week afterward. All happy tears. I suppose I probably cried myself out (frustrated tears) the last couple days before Ed was born.

It's hard knowing where to start writing, now that this chapter has begun. So much of what's happening is too mundane (Lucy's toys. Doing dishes. Squeaking in a shower.) and/or too personal (um, everything having to do with recovery from childbirth) to start trying to share. So, a couple points:

- Ed is a champion breastfeeder (and Joel's so proud, LOL).

- And, get this, he actually occasionally sleeps at night. Amazing.

- It's Day Five of Being Home on Leave and I am already very, very tired of the theme song from "Maya & Miguel." It haunts my dreams.

- Having a second kid is just as amazing as having one... if not more so. I look at Lucy and I can guess, kinda, how Eddie will grow. It makes all the feedings and diaper changes and soothing somehow worth it, knowing how quickly he'll be a "big kid."

Oy, I think they're all waking up. Better go. Oh! I'm sorry, super-quick Funny Joel story I have been telling a lot of people but it will be new to some of you:

So Joel's p's went to DC a couple weeks ago for Joel's mom's brother's official retirement from the Navy. (There was a big ceremony at the Pentagon, and the family toured DC for a few days.) Anyway, at the Holocaust memorial, they found out that the town of Gronau (in Germany) was originally (or at least, at one time) a large Yiddish settlement. "Who knew?" they said to themselves (and to us)... "We're Jewish!"
Joel is tickled to be Jewish, of course (he's quite ticklish), and he starts trying to incorporate Yiddish and/or Hebrew (I can't tell them apart, I'm sorry, I'M not the Jewish one) phrases into his repertoire. So he's talking about Lucy being such a character, and he wants to say that she has a lot of "chutzpah"... except he pronounces it:

wait for it...


Yup, ladies and gentlemen, let' s give it up for Joel Gronau, one night only, don't forget to tip your waiters and bartenders.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Oh. That is TOO funny. And now I know where Gronau comes from; funnily enough, my mom and I were trying to guess that just the other day.

Rebecca said...

ranterbanter took beautiful pictures...don't ANY of the kids get to look like the "Ryans"?? :) Joel must be so proud!

Meg, I will try to give you a call next week---we'll be home on spring break.

Meg said...

Beck: ARGH! We were thinking MAYBE Ed looked more like my side! No? Bah.