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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Congrats Bree!

CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Bridget (and her husband Dan and their daughter Megan) on the birth of their new baby boy, Ryan Philip!

Unfortunately I have no other details, i.e. date, size, or how anything went other than everyone looks like they're doing great from the pictures. But CONGRATS no less!

I should really get Lu up from her nap, but I'm sooo enjoying the quiet (Ed passed out on my lap after his latest feeding... he "Moro reflex"-es every few minutes, whacking his hand on the TV tray I have my computer balanced on, but not waking up. Cute).

So Ed is kind of a weird kid. By Lucy standards, anyway, which are of course the only standards I have to go by. Last night it was bedtime but Ed was fussing. So the three of us tucked into our bed and tried to sssh him to sleep (with the help of a pacifier as well as out pinkie fingers to suck on). No luck, and JG and I were gearing up for a loooong and dreadful night, when we decided just to put him in his bassinet to see what happened. Unbelievably, he was out like a light. I had to wake him up for his feedings all night. Amazing. Apparently he just wanted to be left alone. Our little, somewhat-more-masculine Marlene Dietrich.

Anyway, during the day he is completely unpredictable with his naps and feedings. BUT! Good news, his bilirubin is decreasing, meaning the jaundice is indeed abating. In fact, he's even starting to look a little less "swarthy".

REALLY have to go wake up Lu.

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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Aw, poor kid--so he did have jaundice! Glad to hear he's getting over it. That's funny about the bassinet--talk about independence! Scary he's showing it this early! :)