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Monday, April 27, 2009

Little shop o' terrors

OK so this is the pink!

It *does* look a little sprayed-on, mostly because of my superdark roots, and the fact that it really doesn't take on hair that's not bleached almost-white.

Another busy week this week, but it's mostly under control.

Watch Oprah this Thursday (April 30, with Kirstie Alley) and look for me and my friends in the front row! Well some of us are in, like, the 4th row. I'm in the front, blonde hair, reddish-orange jacket over black, next to my friend Carol (short red hair over purple shirt).


Meg said...

Just noticed my pimple. GROSS!

jean said...

I thought Oprah was May 6th?

Meg said...

Yup, it was. Oprah reserves the right to change her mind.

bridget said...

Now, we definitley would have seen you on tv if you had the pink hair then!

annetta said...

I LOVE the pink hair!!!

Molly said...

I taped Oprah on my DVR and watched it later so that I could fast forward to parts that had the audience in them. I got about 3 very quick shots of you. One in the very beginning when Kirsty Alley comes in. And a couple real quick ones when they show a side view of the audience. It looks like they just missed you when Oprah was talking to the guy on Skype. I think if Oprah moved over just a bit you would have been on there the whole time she was talking to him. Did I miss any???