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Sunday, April 12, 2009

And Easter Miracle

OK so we're at the Gronaus this afternoon, and since it was 5:30PM and I'd decided to completely give up any attempt whatsoever at eating healthily today (I had already chowed on lots of jelly beans and Peeps and a bit of Caramello and a Coke and nice portions of the ham-cheezypotatoes-butteredroll-blueberrycheesecake melee that was lunch)... I was looking for food.

Just kind of sniffing around. I didn't want candy, but probably something sweet (because I always want something sweet). But maybe also salty, and a little crunchy? Asking a lot, I know.

Donna and I were chatting idly -- I think she was making mac-n-cheese for Lucy.

I started imagining Puppy Chow (you know, the chex/peanutbutter/chocolate/powderedsugar mess people toss together and serve at parties?). And how good some Puppy Chow might taste. And I glanced over at the corner of the kitchen where Donna keeps her toaster, because that happens to also be where she keeps any homemade or bakery treats that don't require refrigeration.

And there, in the corner, next to the toaster with its darling quilted, ruffled, dandelion-yellow cover, was a round, covered, Tupperware container.

I moseyed over.

I laid my hand on the lid.

I contemplated not saying the following out loud, because it would sound ridiculous coming out of my mouth, for one, and then I'd have to explain the disappointment that was sure to follow. But I said it anyway:

"I really want this to be Puppy Chow."

In the split instant that followed, I caught the first glimmerings of a strange expression come across Donna's face, but before I could even begin to read it, I opened the lid and IT WAS PUPPY CHOW.

Donna burst into laughter at the expression of shocked delight on my face. I threw my arms high over my head, hollered "JESUS LIVES!! IT'S AN EASTER MIRACLE!!" and then we all whooped for about 20 minutes at this completely trivial prayer, serendipitously and bizarrely answered. Well, others whooped as I stuffed my face. Mmmmm, puppy chow.

It turns out, Donna doesn't even LIKE puppy chow, but she'd made it for book club and there were leftovers, so she sent it home with me. And now, in addition to the Easter Bunny's sugary detritus, I also have leftover puppy chow.

OK OK 2 more quick stories: the kids checked out an old Peanuts book from ECFE about the Easter Beagle. I believe it's called "It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!" It's, you know, one long Peanuts strip in book form. It's not really that funny and I didn't really like it or get it, but the kids made me read it a lot before I wised up and took it back to ECFE.

Anyway, this morning Joel and I awoke to the pitter-patter of little feet, followed by hollering: "The EASTER BEAGLE CAME!!! There's eggs EVERYWHERE!!"

Bet we're the only house in St. Paul celebrating Easter with a mythical Beagle.

Finally, on Saturday, Darling Joel took me out on an awesome date, to see Medea Medea performed by dancers from Shapiro & Smith, at the Southern Theatre in Minneapolis. Yup, modern dance, yup, it's sooooo weeeeird, but I really loved it and I so admire the performers and choreographers. Supercool, and I didn't have to plan it at all! Thanks Boofer!

Rats! One more thing, then I swear I'm going to bed: shout-out to Mom & Dad Ryan, AKA Grampa & Gramma Books, thanks for the visit! We had such a wonderful, lovely time with them. Mom, Lu loves the new shoes and doesn't regret the Princesses-over-Hannah Montana decision one bit, PHEW.

Joel's come down with a stinker of a cold, or allergies, so I'd better get up there and see what I can do to help. Happy Easter, everyone...

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