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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A.I. 4/14/09 -- Top 7

Music from the Movies? Another super-generic genre, not that I'm complaining -- remember the disasters that Billy Joel Night and Rod Stewart Night produce?

But I don't fully understand why Quentin Tarantino is giving musical advice... err, "performance tips" is how he phrased it. It sounded like his credentials are that he loves music. I mean, I love strawberries but you don't see me dispensing gardening advice to aspiring professional gardeners.

I do want to talk a little about how much I love my bed. I love sheets and blankets and pillows. I love my bare, achy feet between cool, clean sheets. I love a fluffy comforter. I love being nestled after a long day of walking the zoo, chauffeuring the children, teaching the dance lessons, drinking with the friends, and roaming downtown St. Paul with the fairly-confident hope that I'm not going to get mugged. Mmmmm, bed. Today's reviews will be colored by how much I love my bed.

Allison -- I don't want to miss a thing by Aerosmith from Armageddon
I wish I could remember correct AP style for movie/song titles and band names. Prepare for some random italics and underlining. Ugh, Allison, the OUTFIT. And the HAIR. I get that you're working a look, but it just looks the Same. Every. Week. I don't think you can wear hair like that every week -- I want to see a color change, or different extensions, or something. Her singing, I guess, kinda rocked, but truly I was bored and I hate writing that but it's the middle of the competition and it's true. The song was so short and all the cuts are distracting. One of the great things about that song is how it builds and builds and explodes at the end, but when you only have 30 seconds to perform, it just comes across as blah and totally forgettable. Think back to past years of Idol -- there are some performances you remember, and then a whole mess of others that just all blend together. This was definitely the latter, though I do think it's good enough to keep her around another week.

Anoop -- Everything I do, I do it for you by Bryan Adams from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
This was a VERY polished, good performance from Anoop. Ditto the last 2 sentences of Allison's review, though. Do you think the people who made this movie thought there were going to be sequels, and that's the reason for the colonic title? Or was it just early-'90s hubris?

Adam -- Born to be wild (no idea on the artist or movie)
ARGH! I'm accustomed to seeing him last! I'm mentally unprepared for sheer awesomeness!! Listen, this guy is Not Normal. But he's so EXCITING to watch! JG and I think Simon's crabby comments are just meant to keep the show interesting -- Simon knows what makes good TV and Adam being Pure Genius every week is getting repetetive (not for me, mind you! but for the average teenage viewer). I'm once again astounded that Adam can take a song I loathe and actually make me want to buy it. Bravo, Adam.

Matt -- Tell me have you ever really, really really ever loved a woman? by Bryan Adams from Don Juan deMarco
Honestly, Bryan must have lost some kind of bet when he was writing this song. A sampling of the lyrics:
If you love a woman, tell her that she's really woman.
If you love a woman, tell her that sheeeeee's a woman!
She needs somebody to tell her that it's gonna laaaaaaast forever
(I love the implication that it doesn't actually need to last forever, she just needs to hear that it will?)
So tell me have you ever really, really really ever ever really ever looooved a woman.

That said, I do enjoy harmonizing with along with Bryan Adams songs -- this one and Anoop's, anyway.

Danny -- Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie from Endless Love
The harp sounds really bad here. The whole thing feels like it ought to happen at a super-cheesy (albeit very expensive) wedding. Paula uses the word tambre and I have to look it up and apparently it's a commune in the Province of Belluno in the Italian region Veneto, located about 80 km north of Venice. Sounds like a lovely spot for a super-cheesy (albeit very expensive) wedding.

Kris -- Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova from Once
I know I try to sound all callous and detached from this show; sarcastic and smarmy like a good blogger. But I hear that Kris is singing this song and I gasp, nearly choking on my mouthful of SmartStart Antioxidants cereal. You all know how much I love this song, and this movie, right? And let it be known that I am a bit peeved they didn't mention the singers/songwriter -- hello, the song won an Oscar last year.
Joel made some comment before I knew what the song was, like, "You're going to want to see this one" as though I was in any danger of ffwding through Kris' entire section. But I love that he knows I'm going to get excited about this song.
OK OK back to Kris. I think he made a BIG mistake not using the guitar. The song is MADE for guitar -- the guitar is practically a character in the movie! Without a guitar, a singer is apt to do show-choiry hand motions like raise one hand and clasp it into a fist. The guitar makes the song more real. Also, Kris made some pitch choices that I wouldn't have thought of. Some of them may have been unfortunate.

Lil -- The Rose -- Bette Midler
*Sigh* Lil, you are off-key everywhar. You don't hit the riffs/runs/whatever the right way, and it is making me sad. But the pity boat has sailed and you aren't on it. It's time to go home.


Matt/Kris (I tied them because I disliked their performances for completely different reasons)



Jean said...

I totally agree with the harmonizing with Bryan Adams songs! I forgot to mention that on my blog, but I was singing along with Anoop and Danny.

Heather said...

I too was excited for you when I heard Kris' song. I love that song too but I knew you would be really, really happy about it.

A quick review:
Allison: blech, just don't enjoy her
Anoop: he's fine but not my favorite
Danny: this wasn't my favorite, but I saw tears in his eyes at the end and it made me sad for him. I think he is doing this whole thing for his wife. I bet he goes off state and sobs after every song. They've all been love songs and he sings the sh*t out of them every week.
Adam: I agree with you. Totally random songs that I wouldn't like but he makes me love them. My mom said her new favorite song is Mad World. I read online that he was up for the lead in the new Broadway musical, Spiderman. I'm serious - Spiderman is going to be a musical. Hmmm.
Kris: See above
Matt: love his voice, HATE this song and Rod Stewart, thought his performance was neutral. Couple really weird notes.
Lil: buh-bye. And please don't argue with Simon on t.v. He's an ass, but he's smart and he's always right.

I swore twice in this comment. It was that kind of review I guess.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Only because I love the song, I think the actual lyrics are:
"When you love a woman, you tell her that she's really wanted/
when you love a woman, you tell her that she's the one."

And I think it's "timbre" that you were referring to, right? Or did Paula get random and talk about Italian islands?

Meg said...

I can tell I'm exhausted, because I read Heather's note as "A quick blech" and I was trying to figure out if there was actual vomit involved, and then I read Alison's note TWICE as saying "Italian salads."

BTW, everyone and your neighbors need to see this clip from Britain's Got Talent: