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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finding time to go to the bathroom

OK so, right, just as I decide I'm going to slow things down, it turns out several things I'd already committed to start heating up all at once.

Starting next week I'm back at Hastings HS working with their many choirs (though not the show choir) on their spring choral concert. This is the group with 600 kids onstage for the final number. I have 12 different songs to choreograph for them. I'm SCARED.

I'm also volunteering with Ashland's production of Seussical -- using my rope-pulling and leaf-retrieving skills backstage. Or, side-stage. I think I also get to run a spotlight. Yeepers.

Ashland is also staging Seussical at a local Math & Science high school and I have to learn a bunch of choreography well enough to teach it. My first rehearsal is tomorrow evening and I'm actually thinking it will be all right.

I also am teaching Latin dance one night a week, to a group of condo-owners downtown St. Paul. This is a very fun gig, with a great group of people. But I always get nervous teaching grownups!

In addition to all this craziness (and in addition to the creative movement classes I teach that Lu and Ed also attend), the kids have started drawing and theatre classes. As much as I don't advocate getting kids toooo involved toooo young, I do kind of feel like my kids are seeking more structure. And both of these classes are very limited commitment, which is nice.

Aaaaaaannnnnd... I'm going to see Oprah on Friday! I know, this sounds completely out of left field, and it is, but my book club girls have been looking forward to this for YEARS and some tickets became available, and they snatched them right up. I'm not exactly sure how I'm getting to Chicago yet... or where we're staying... and the girls are having a heated email exchange about what to wear. It's really fascinating and I'm looking forward to it. I've seen snippets of Oprah's show but I'm sure I've never actually sat down to watch it. I do really respect Oprah and all she's accomplished and it will be so cool to do something spontaneous, for a change, in this lifetime. OK OK I know I colored my hair yellow and stuff, so I think what I mean by spontaneous is actually more like "somewhat complicated." I was going to add not-very-well-thought-out but that applies to SO much of my life already.

Hey, so the Watsons' old house across the street has been fixed up and is once again for sale. I can't find the price online yet, but if anybody wants to be our neighbor, there are 3 houses right on our block, all up for the taking -- and all seem to be recently relatively well-taken-care-of.

I MUST go throw in some laundry.


Katers said...

A friend of mine works for Oprah, if you want to be put in positions that the camera will catch you, you need to wear BOLD colors, not white, gray, black, pastels. Good luck!

Heather said...

And THAT my friend is why you have yellow hair.