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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our love is like a storybook story

Just plopped the kids down in front of The Princess Bride in the basement. That remains my favorite movie of all time. We just finished lunch and I just need a little bit of quiet time this afternoon to prep for my dance classes tonight. I can't force myself to sit in my chilly dark basement on such a sunny day! I'm thinking of taking my book out to the van, which is parked facing into the sun in the driveway, and taking my quiet time out there.

Oh... that's right... I was going to use Quiet Time to prep dance lessons. Hmmm.

I was headed down to the basement right behind Eddie, who I watched pause at the top of the stairs, carefully empty his Spiderman backpack and throw each individual item down the stairs, then chuck the whole backpack down before finally progressing down himself after the loot. I wonder if he figured this out on his own -- to toss his stuff down there by itself, first, so that he can descend safely and unimpeded by baggage. Or maybe Joel gave him the idea. It's really cute, anyway.

Lucy is busy planning her birthday party (which, need I remind you, will not be for five more months??). She changes the invite list every day (and by "changes" I mean she just adds on more and more people originally forgotten) and she has made nametag-bracelets for all the invitees. Last night this is what she told me (please note that parentheses indicate she's wiggling "spirit fingers" while talking):

"Mommy do you want to hear the plan for my birthday party. First we're going to go to the pool and go swimming. Then (and I'm so excited) we're going to have tacos. Then (and this is my favorite part) we're going to have chocolate cupcakes with sprinkes. Then (I can't wait to tell you) we're going to go outside and have a fire and toast marshmallows and then (if maybe just a couple people want to) we can sleep in a tent, unless they get scared and want their mommies."

Sounds like quite a party, I can't wait. Nice not to have to worry about planning it!

This morning I took the kids to Choo-Choo Bob's, an all-things-trains store way over on Marshall and Cleveland. It's a wayyy cool store and they have a sweet storytime a few times a month, with a guy who could easily be my father dressed up like a train engineer (striped overalls, matching hat, red bandana) who reads books about trains to the kids and plays guitar and sings train songs. It's wonderful and my kids were elated. Then they have some electric trains up and running for the kids to watch, and they have several wooden sets for kids to play with.

The place was pretty crowded but not uncomfortably packed, as the Red Balloon bookstore was (and maybe still is?) for Tuesday storytime. We got there about 5 minutes late but the kids found a place to sit and I, a place to stand. And then (about 10 minutes late)... a daycare walked in. Three grownups and TWENTY kids in their 2s/3s/4s. Honestly, I was a *little* appalled. And I cut little kids heaps of slack, and these kids were very well-behaved, but seriously? They about doubled the size of the crowd. And afterward they totally monopolized the six or eight wooden train sets in the back of the store. I dunno... if you run a daycare with twenty little kids in it, I think you can bring your kids to the zoo, or the Children's Museum, but I kinda don't think it's fair to bring them to free storytime in a small store. You should have several train sets in your daycare already, with kids that age, and ... I mean... you wouldn't bring them all to the library, would you? Actually, you probably would. Hmmm. Well anyway, the whole thing was a great experience for us, the 20 extra kids didn't really affect our enjoyment of the place at all, and we'll definitely go back.

OK I gotta go find a place to sit in the sun.


Jean said...

I have the book you should borrow to read to your kiddles! Make sure you do the voices!

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I haven't seen that movie in forever. Mom got it for me for Christmas as a stocking stuffer. There's an interview on it with some of the cast and behind-the-scenes folks, and I have to say I just love Whatshisname that plays Inego Montoya. And that song! *sigh* The instrumental versiona, anyway--I *hate* the lyrics.