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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink hair, flat tire

Hm. Well, I guess there's nothing more to say.

I did change the tire All By Myself (including jumping on the tire iron, trying to unscrew the bolts -- thank goodness I still have that extra 5 lb. of winter weight!), and that was a first, so that's something!

And I can't find my camera, so the hair documentation will have to wait.

Oh, and yes I did go see a taping of Oprah last weekend (Fri the 17th, it would have been) and we sat in the front row and the show airs Wed., May 6. And then I stayed out until 5 in the morning and yes it took me six whole days to recover.

And I must be going for some kind of choreography record: 16 different numbers, made up and taught in about 2 weeks. Where'd I put that margarita?


Alison Strobel Morrow said...


I'll have to have my mom tivo Oprah so I can see you!

Pink hair?!?!?! Find that camera, stat!

Heather said...

Yeah, there is SO much in that entry that I need to know more about!