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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walk hard (it's laminate!)

This morning as I was trying to take care of some bid'ness (checking my email quick before ECFE), Lucy grabbed Will's toy cell phone and started shouting into it:

"Christopher! Christopher I CAN'T! Don't call me back! Eating food is not eating food! Nothing is left! But you told me that everyone's going to eat peanut butter! Do you understand me? NO, CHRISTOPHER!! 'BYE!"

Strange child.

So I was supposed to teach three dance classes on Wednesday nights through St Paul Parks and Rec. Beginning swing dancing, beginning Latin dancing, and a beginning jazz dance class. I have ZERO people signed up for any of them. I know this because I checked the internet registration site.

This is super aggravating, for a number of reasons.

1. I have taught the swing and Latin classes before and had dozens of signups.

2. Back when that happened, St Paul Parks and Rec was actually sending printed class catalogs to every household in the city. Due to budget cuts, they now print brochures that are available ONLY at the rec sites themselves. They also list the classes on the internet... if you know where to look.

2a. Even if you know where to look, the web site is extremely difficult to navigate. Here it is:

It took me several tries and two phone calls to the director to find MY OWN classes. Here, I'll give you a shot at it. Go there and look for an adult swing dance class on Wednesday nights at Hazel Park Rec Center. See how you can select a "Corridor" but then you can also select a "Location"? Confusing. See how the "Age Group" options include "Teen/Adult (13 and up)" but also "Adult (18 and up)"? And how, if you select the Teen/Adult option you don't get any of the classes listed as "Adult"? See how the default session at the bottom is "Winter" but some classes are actually listed under "Spring" only? See how you can choose "Music, Dance, and Theatre" but there are some dance classes listed instead under "Health and Fitness"? ARRRRGH!

3. St Paul Parks & Rec is completely separate from St Paul Community Education. But Community Ed holds all the same type of classes... and they still send out catalogs!

4. Now try registering online. All right, maybe they've fixed it since I tried to register for something last September -- now that I think of it, in Aggravation #2a I forgot to mention that they did fix some of my classes' internet-search programming to make it a little more intuitive.

In a way, I'm relieved not to have to teach the classes. But it's really frustrating to think there's so much opportunity for the Parks and Rec department, but NOBODY can figure out about the registration procedure.

To take my mind off it, here are some pix of the kitchen... with floor!!

From just inside the new back door:

From the hallway:

From the old back door:

Those crazy Watson boys! (This is Will):

My angels:


Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

WOW!!! Love the floor! The kitchen is gorgeous, and I'm not just sayin' that cuz I sleep with the cabinet guy.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

LOVE the kitchen. It's so lovely. You must be so pleased!!

Your kids crack me up. After meeting them, your accounts of them are that much more vivid to me. Love 'em.