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Monday, February 04, 2008

Hi there, excuse me, could I just have my old brain back please?

We were in church yesterday and Ed shouted at the top of his lungs: "GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD."

And Friday night Jean and I took the kids swimming, and on the way home Lucy said, "Mommy turn on some music!"
And Jean and I were sorta talking so I sorta ignored my daughter. Not five seconds later Lucy said "Mommy I'm STARVING."
I didn't even have enough time to take the breath I was going to take to answer her when I heard, in her I'm going to say something cute now tone, "I'm STARVING for some MUSIC."

OK so seriously, we are having some major whining issues with Lucy. "I need you to HOLD ME. I need you to CARRY ME. I need you to FEED ME." ALL the TIME. She still has her sweet side, but I feel like we see it less and less often. I tried explaining to her that even though she isn't "a baby" anymore, she'll always be MY baby and I will always love her so much. And that even though Baby Will is around a lot and requires my attention, I'm not his mommy but I AM LUCY'S mommy. And she is still my baby even if I can't treat her like a baby much anymore.

She responds with tears, saying "Mommy, this baby still needs to be carried."

And here I'd thought referring to yourself in the third person went out with Terrell Owens.

Saturday Joel started tiling our backsplash, in the cobalt-blue tile of my dreams that reminds me of Spain and makes me so happy... and that also happens to be a quarter of the cost of the blue-glass tile I'd originally had my eye on. He took a break at 10AM and we went to the St Paul School Fair down at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium at the RiverCenter. We confirmed that Lu can't start in one of the St Paul Public Schools' (SPPS) 4-year-old programs for another year and a half (because her birthday is September 2 and the cutoff is September 1). They don't do any early enrollment for the 4-y-o programs, but weirdly, she COULD get admitted to Kindergarten early if we wished (so essentially she could skip the 4-yr program entirely).

I don't really wish, but I do see her playing with Nathan down the street and with Paige Lier, who are both going to be TWO years ahead of her in school, and ... I just wonder if we'll be holding her back. I'm entirely sure we're going to stick with our guns and keep her back the year; I hate to have her be the last one in her class to get her drivers license, and I especially hate to have her always struggling to keep up.

The one thing I was really impressed with was the variety of options through SPPS. They have several language-immersion schools... a World-Cultures magnet school... a year-round school... an "open" school where K-12 all mixes together... a couple Montessori options... an aerospace magnet... a school just for gifted kids... and (my favorite!) a Creative Arts school where the kids learn everything through music, dance, and theatre. They had videos and photos of the kids playing the part of waves, molecues, and light beams. It sounds seriously awesome. WAY better than sitting behind a desk all day. I'm feeling better and better about our decision to stay in St Paul. I know our school decisions are going to be way more time-consuming and challenging than they would be if we lived in the 'burbs, but I think the opportunities for enrichment are far greater. I'm kind of excited!

Whoops, back to work, Will is here! Bring on the patty-cake!


Rebecca said...

I believe that ANY MN school district is lightyears' ahead of most other states...except maybe the Northwest 'burbs of Chicago ;)

St. Paul schools are good, however there are a few less-than-desirables...which are mainly in the heart of ghetto-town.

Whatever school you choose, you are the types of parents who will supplement Lu and Ed with enrichment outside of the school environment, thus making up any lags that SPPS might have.

Don't rush putting her into K. She is better off in the long run to be ahead of the game and not struggling. Don't rule out church Pre-K programs...they often are less strict on the enrollment date. For example, our church will take kids 42 months (3.5) up to 5 yrs.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Aw, poor Lu. She IS still a baby--three is still so very young! The whining thing sounds age-appropriate--not that that makes it any easier to handle, but at least you know it's just coming with the territory and not, like, her trying to be annoying or something.

Rebeca made a good point about church programs--a lot of them are willing to be a little more loosy-goosy on the birthday thing. But honestly, seeing all you guys do with her, I don't think there's anything she can't learn through what you're already doing with her, so long as you keep following her interests and encouraging her to learn. Which you already do. MUCH cheaper than preschool, too. :)

Becky said...

Speaking from personal experience it would probably benefit you and Joel to wait for K with Lucy (which it sound like you're doing). My parents had the option to put me through early and they did. I was always struggling with my grades. And with my creative mind all I wanted to do was talk and daydream during class. I went through testing programs in second grade to see if I had a learning disability only to discover that I plain didn't want to pay attention. Not to say that this would happen to any child that enrolls early, Lucy is an extremely bright girl and very witty! Just wanted to let you know.
It's interesting to hear all of the schooling options we have here in St. Paul, I had no idea. I'll be calling you for input when Clara is ready!! ;)