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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm no electrician...

...but I'm guessing this is some kind of code violation:

That gray plug on the far left is for the STOVE, ladies and germs. And yes, that's the toaster on the floor. Yeesh. Most of the time I keep this entire power-strip setup covered with the lid from my biggest roasting pan, just to make sure the kids don't electrocute themselves.

Here's a little "before-and-after" action with the new tile, hardware, and countertop (OK so you can't really see the countertop):



I like how the mess in either picture is exactly the same in volume but totally different in composition. I can almost tell what I'm making for dinner in each shot, if I really think about it.

Also, the tile has since been grouted. And I am hoping for electrical outlets tonight maybe!!

Here's the dining room. Yes, that blue is the actual color. I wanted it to be "soothing." I dunno.

Here's a pic from inside the dining room, toward the new back door and the kitchen:

And here's one from just inside the new back door. I think the point of this one was to show the color of the walls. Or something:

This picture is really just for Bridget: doesn't Ryan have the same jammies as Ed here?

I miss this weather.


bridget said...

I love how the counter clutter is different, and yet the same! You could come to my house and see almost the same thing-no counter! But really, the kitchen looks great!
And yes, Ryan had those same jammies, but they were so tight on his poor feeties he can no longer wear them!

Rebecca said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE KITCHEN! Can't wait to see it in person...and I totally didn't know you were getting a new door! Fantastic!

BTW-glad Ed could wear the PJs!

Nicole said...

I like your headboard - is that new? It looks like the kitchen is going together. Can't wait to see that new floor.

Meg said...

LOL! Nikki, i had no clue what you were talking about -- but I figured it out! No, the headboard pic is from Alison's p's condo in LaJolla. It's a nice headboard, though, isn't it?