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Monday, February 11, 2008

Si se pueden

See, I would have thought "Yes we can" in Spanish would've been "Si, podemos." Which is why I speak English.

PS I can't figure out how to make an accent mark. Gaaaah!

So, I've had no internets for the last fourish days. I'm back.

Ed's developed this habit, nay, compulsion of carrying one small toy in each hand. Cars, animals, Barney, whatever he can find.

Lucy has started writing songs. Complex songs, mostly about her day and random other things that have come up. She also talks a lot about her invisible friend, Arizona (sometimes "Ellerzona"), who has died. Or sometimes it's Eller's mother who has died. Morbid little child. I'm guessing she watches too many Disney movies.

This afternoon Lucy asked for a kitten. She promised to take care of it. I can't believe this is starting already.

While I was internetsless, I started some incomplete thoughts which I will now publish. Seriously incomplete. Here goes:

I was reading the Bulletin Board in the Pioneer Press the other day and someone wrote in about how their parents didn't raise them to sit around and watch people work.

Now, I'm not saying my parents DID raise me to sit around and watch people work, but I think they may have enabled me. My parents and many others of their generation are exceptional workers. They show up somewhere and immediately pitch right in and workworkwork. There's a grandma/volunteer at ECFE who, during snacktime, zips around the table, asking kids if they want more snack or refilling water cups. Pushes in chairs, sweeps the floor, BUSTLES. I sit back and observe, holding my little bowl of Goldfish crackers, waiting for one of the munchkins to start looking hungry.

I strive to be a worker. I am not a worker. At our church there's lots of setup and takedown to do: stacking and moving of chairs, packing of things into boxes, folding tables, packing up the nursery fixin's. Joel manages to dive in and make himself useful. I kind of stand there, oscillating, trying to figure out what I can work on. I don't know if I'm afraid to mess it up, or if I just lack the ability to SEE what job I ought to tackle.

I don't LIKE sitting around and watching people work -- but I'm not a self-starter. You give me a task and I will totally do it... but I kind of want to be told. I'm REALLY good at taking direction; not so good at occupying myself in a way that others might find valuable.

So, I sorta resent being judged as a nonworker, especially when seriously? I spent the entire weekend working. Hard. I know that putting the DVDs back on the shelf for the mazillionth time isn't technically "cleaning" since there isn't any dirt involved. I know that folding sheets the right way (meaning the one way that will make it so they will all actually fit inside the linen closet without exploding into my face every time I go in there to grab a washcloth) probably seems like a waste of time, but I assure you it is necessary for the functioning of the household.

I kinda lost track of what I was talking about.

Well anyway, it's as good a time as any for a couple plugs. I'm sure you know this but I'm choreographing a production of "High School Musical". We open March 7 and run through most of March. It's going to be really good and you should definitely buy your tickets ASAP!!

Ashland is also sponsoring a show featuring Laura Osnes, the gal who won the TV show "Grease: You're The One That I Want" last year and is currently starring on Broadway as Sandy. Laura played Dorothy in Ashland's "Wizard of Oz" several years ago, and since Broadway is dark on Mondays, Ashland is flying her in for one night on Monday, Feb. 25. Some of the youth show choir groups I work with will be performing that night, as well. Tickets are $35 -- come see a real-life Broadway star in person!

Also, I haven't talked much about this yet, but Joel and the kids and I have started going to a teeny little church and we are really getting so much out of it. It's called HopeSpring and if you are at all searching for a church or some spirituality, I encourage you to come to a 9:30 AM Sunday service at the White Bear Lake Armory. HopeSpring is the antimegachurch -- typical attendance on Sunday is about 15 people (including Lucy and Eddie). Our dear friends Cara and Alley Joel first invited us (Alley Joel is the pastor's cousin) and Joel and I have been surprised and amazed at how much we are learning and growing in our faith.

Joel asked me to share an Eddie story from this evening: we were all eating the bean & ham soup I made for dinner. Ed was eating the soup with his fingers, of course -- he's exceptionally tactile. He grabbed a giant piece of ham in his fist (like only a not-quite-2-year-old boy can do) and declared, "Mmm, good! CHICKEN! Bawck-bawck-bawck!" and started pumping his right elbow up and down (in a one-armed version of the universal sign for "chicken," of course).

Ham, Eddie, it's ham. Pig. Oink.



Katers said...

Couple of my thoughts to your random thoughts...

To make a system work, there needs to be leaders and followers. Too many leaders and the system fails, too many followers and nothing gets done. Now, I don't think you are always in one category. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. There has to be a balance.

Also, Izzy thinks all meat is chicken. And boy, does she like chicken! Typically after a "good bite" she'll tells us, 'thats good chicken'

Jean said...

Hi, Meg! I'm glad you're back. I miss you guys!