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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh man I'm wiped out!!

Hoo, boy, I bet you'd thought I'd vanished, didn't you?

Nay! Still here. We were on vacation for about a week, heading up to the lake on June 29ish and then back home on Monday, only to vacate on Tuesday for Rolling Meadows. We watched the big RM 4th of July parade go right past my p's house, and then we spent the next couple days garage-sailing and being lazy. And Saturday, 7/7/07, was the annual Ryan Family Picnic!

We counted 83 warm bodies in attendance this year, which is pretty incredible. It's always great to catch up with all the cousins, especially since so many of us have kids now. See my cousin Molly's blog for some photos... I may try to attach some of my own here in a bit. And by "my own" of course I mean the ones my cousin Lynda took. :)

So I started camp this week and it is SO much fun. We have about 75 kids age 6 to 18. And these kids are so incredible. They are the nicest, sweetest, most hardworking group. And they're all theatre geeks. Like me!!! And the grownups acting as camp counselors are wonderful, kind, supportive and so talented too. It's only been three days and I am so far beyond exhausted and my body has not hurt this badly all over since WSU Dance Team auditions in fall 1994, but I am just loving it. The kids will be putting on a full-scale production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for three weekends starting July 27, and tickets are only $6. I'm going to have Joel bring Lucy for sure, so if you are going to be in the area and maybe have kids who would love to watch a great show, you should definitely come.

Just a couple kidnotes (on my kids, that is):

2 weekends ago when we were up at the lake, Donna and the kids and I were playing in the water, when all of a sudden Lucy grabbed her ladybug water-floatie and dragged it out of the lake and way up on the shore.

"Lu," I said, "Why don't you bring that back down so Eddie can use it?"

Lucy turned to me and said (and I kid you not):
"Here's the thing. I put it in the water once and it gets all dirty, so I'm going to put it up here, okay?"

Donna and I about had to scrape our lower jaws up off the beach.

Later that day, Ed pointed to a windchime that's in the shape of a fish. "Fish!" he said.

"YES!" I said, "Good job Ed! That's a fish."

Couple minutes pass, and Joel walks over. Trying to get Ed to show off his new word, I point to the windchime.

"Ed, what's that?"

Ed: "Shish."

Well, okay, close enough. Soon John walks over.

Me (pointing again): "Ed, what's that?"

Ed: "Shit!"

Ed and Eric

Ed and Grandma Books

The Ryan/Gronau clan. In case it isn't immediately apparent, I should mention that it's kind of RFP tradition that each family wears a somewhat matching shirt. We couldn't think of what kind of shirts to wear. So at noon on Friday my mom and I came up with the brilliant idea of sewing up some clothings out of some ugly old curtains, a'la The Sound of Music. We found the requisite ugly old curtains at a garage sale and we sewed nine (including Grandma Jake, not pictured)outfits in just under seven hours. If you look closely you can see Ellen's and Ed's lederhosen. These were gourmet costumes sewn by Juilliard-trained seamstresses, if you catch my drift.

My dad with Nana, his mom. She's 91.

The tug of war. I think this is the "original eleven" (my dad and his 6 brothers and 4 sisters) against their children (there are 35 of us but not all were participating). The oldies still won!


Heather said...

Hi Meg!
I was at my parents for a while and totally ignored my e-mail so I got your message too late. I hope you didn't miss any last minute meetings! My students (Paige, Maggie, Claire, Kate, Will, Anna Rose, Paul, and Blake) all LOVE you!!! They are having so much fun at camp and are just radiant when they tell me about it! I think I will bring Jackson by this afternoon and check it out.

See you soon!

Ellen said...

That's the best family picture we've ever taken! Despite the fact we're all looking at the wrong camera. And I think you forgot to mention the winners of the egg and water balloon toss.