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Monday, July 30, 2007

Three Lucys

Sooo... I don't like jumping into a post without even a rudimentary idea of what I'm going to say... but here I am.

It's Monday! TGIM!! Seriously! I have my life back, after 3 weeks of theatre camp. Lord, did I learn to love those campers, though. What a terrific bunch. Not that they don't also drive me crazy sometimes. My duties for the remainder of the run are:

1. Show up an hour before curtain.

2. Apply "Egyptian eyes" to seven 10-year-olds, making sure to remember which 10-year-old likes which style of Egypt-eyes (there are several; you'd be surprised), which 10-year-old has the super-sensitive skin, and which one gets all twitchy and teary if I press too hard with the eyeliner, beacuse heaven knows I don't have anything better to do with my gray matter than dedicate it to the makeup preferences of a handful of fifth-graders. Also they don't think to remind me when they start lining up in front of me, pencils in hand, wearing their identical Egyptian outfits with the adorable matching wigs.

3. Move the stairs a few times between scenes.

4. Sing at the little kids over Annie's shoulder through the entire show, because Annie's voice is super tired from singing at little kids for three straight weeks.

Well anyway, I'm back with my own brood today and I really missed them! Lucy's grown, like, a foot, and Eddie says all kinds of fun new words now.

We met the Watsons at the Childrens Museum this morning (P.S. Here's the title of the post: Lucy wanted to fingerpaint. Insisted. So Nicole kept an eye on the 3 boys while Lu and I went next door to the otherwise empty fingerpainting room. A little girl, also named Lucy, and her mom walked in. Wow! I thought, only 2 kids in here, and both little blonde Lucys. A third little blonde girl came in with her mom and grandpa... also Lucy. Now isn't that a bizarre coincidence?) and had a wild and crazy time, and I'm looking forward to busting out my new (new to me, that is) bike trailer for quick errands around the neighborhood. But right now I'm thinking I'm just going to grab my book and put up the ol' feet for a few minutes during naptime. Mmmmm, how I've missed naptime!

Hey, does anybody know how to uninstall Nero on my computer?

Also, what are those shiny, pretty, horned beetles called (the ones trying to eat my tomatoes, drowning themselves in our kiddie pool, and nesting in Lucy's hair)? They are beautiful and also very scary.

Also, I have a weird mutated plant in my tomato garden. It's tall as the tomatoes, but the leaves are big and broad (about the size of my jazz hand). It has teeny yellow flowers that look just like tomato flowers, but also weird larger buds that look like they're going to open into actual flowers. What the heck?

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heather said...

is the beetle kind of a iridescent green? That would be a japanese beetle. Brian says you don't want them on your plants.