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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lucy Up-spye-down

So I'm foraging around in the fridge for some lunch, because I'm determined to use up some of the A) massive amounts of fresh produce I've bought, before it goes bad, and B) massive amounts of leftovers I've created, because I have been trying out tons of new recipes with only moderate and intermittent success.

So I come across a batch of 2-week-old garbanzos-and-couscous mixture, and I open the lid and wrinkle my nose up and give it a good sniff. And then I kind of stare at it, because I don't think it's turned rotten but I also don't think that anybody's really going to eat it, and I suddenly hear, from behind me, the little blonde voice of reason:

"Mommy, nobody likes that."

And just now, Lucy and Jayla are romping on the loveseat, when I hear "Uh oh! Uh oh!" I turn around, expecting blood or at least impending disaster, to see that the seat cushion has shifted slightly off center.
"Uh oh, Momma, this is CRAZY!"

Eddie and I totally had a conversation at breakfast today. He said "Banana?" and I said "You want a banana?" and he said "Uss?" (which I think was yes) and then when I gave it to him he said his version of "thank you!"

I think I found an Asian beetle (it actually looked a little more slimy than a traditional ladybug, and bigger too) on my tomatoes the other day. I mean, Joel's tomatoes. Anyway, I picked off the leaf it was on (the bug was chewing through it)... did I do the right thing? And how vigilant do I have to be about weeding... do I need to remove absolutely every little peep of green that isn't part of the tomato plants? And what's deadheading and do I have to do it? And when there are sad, yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant, do I have to pull those off?


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Oh my gosh, Abby and I had a conversation, too! "Food!" "You want food?" *nod* "You want a banana?" "Okay!" Bananas are apparently really inspiring.

I am zero help for you in the tomato-tending department. Yellow leaves would sound like it's not getting enough water, but typically that happens at the top, not the bottom...doesn't it? Maybe not, what do I know. Anyway, if something has shriveled and died (or is about to die) then you deadhead it.

"This is CRAZY." Man, I love it. I cannot WAIT to meet this kid.

Pat said...

Depending on how many yellow leaves there are -- some might just be a little normal. Otherwise, they might do with a shot of plant food (try Miracle Grow - you can buy a small box at Target pretty cheaply - follow the directions).

The beetles could be Japanese Beetles (they're kinda an iridescent green color), and they DO eat everything in the garden -- so squish away -- or put a little soapy water into a spray bottle and give them a spritz. The Asian Lady beetles don't usually eat too much.

Don't worry about every single weed -- just get the big ones before they goto seed.

Pat "Not only am I a photographer -- but I also have a green thumb, or blue - depending on which colors the Watts got into today" Watts.