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Monday, July 23, 2007

More 411 on the show... EDIT!! Actual details!

Hey kids. OK more details...

Call 651-274-8020 for tickets. You can also buy them at the door... people keep making noises about it selling out but I think that's just a sales-motivational tactic. You may certainly buy them at the door. The show is at Maplewood Community Center. It's just south of Highway 36, at 2100 White Bear Ave, in Maplewood.

Lucy will actually be going to the show a lot. So!
This Friday (July 27) she's going to come with me and be my little buddy. I'm not sure if she'll sit in the audience with me or if I'll be needed backstage -- either way, she's tagging. If that goes OK, she will accompany me to the remainder of the shows this weekend (July 28 and 29).

Next Saturday (Aug 4), Becky and Vivian are going along to the show along with Lu and Ed. I think Julie and Jamie are coming that day too. Anybody else is welcome to join us!

Cara and Alley Joel also offered to go with Lucy this Sunday (July 29).

If I know you are coming, I can ask to get sitting-in-the-audience duty, so we can sit together. The kids are so very talented and are working their little tails off to make this show great. It's been an incredible experience that I have been so blessed to have been able to take part in. As usual, I'm sure I'm learning more than the kids are. Argh! I just love it.

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