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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kid Things

Not only is Ed repeating everything we say and obeying all kinds of instructions tossed his way (Put the shoe in the bucket! Feet off the table!)... he's also neighing like a horse. Somewhat all the time, but also when he sees a pic of a horse. He can also apparently do a mean chicken, on command. His sweet nature continues to amaze me... this morning he cuddled right into Nicole Watson's shoulder before lunch and just about fell asleep there. But he's soooo sensitive. Give him the slightest correction and sometimes he just shrugs it off but other times you would swear I was ripping out his toenails.

Lucy's bedtime routine for the last monthish has been thus: the usual (brush teeth, sit potty, read book, sing song, kiss, goodnight)... plus her new bonus conversation with herself:

(mind you, this is after I give the final kiss)

"I have to sit on the potty. Really? You're kidding me. Really? You're kidding me. Okay, let's go."

At which, she swings her legs out of bed and does her little Lucy-trot to the bathroom. Where, much to my surprise, she actually does some business about 60% of the time, despite just having gone within the previous 10 minutes. Go figure.

When she's really ready for bed, I say "I love you, Little Mister" and she says:

"I love you, Big Mister! See you in the morning. Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bugs-bye bite." (Then, in a whisper:) "Good niiiiiiiiiight!"

Oh rats! I meant to tell Nicole Watson this today. So, last week we were playing at the Watsons' (mudbath photos to follow, as soon as I get 'em!) and the kids were playing with the house phone. Nicole okayed this, "As long as you don't call China." (This is something I have also often said to the kids as they play with our phone.)

Well, you guessed it, the next time Lucy's pretending to talk on the phone, we hear:

"Hello, China? China!! You want a BANANA!?!?"


Jean said...


Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Who needs TV? We have kids to entertain us. Still laughing ...

bridget said...

Must be something about boys born in March. Ryan is so similar. He too is a snuggler, so much more than Megan was at this age, and sometimes the slightest, "No," brings out the sobs! It's crazy.

Oh, and whenever Ryan is playing with the phone, Megan always tells me, "You better watch out- I think he's gonna call China!"

Kids are great!