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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I may not blog at once, but I do blog... at last.

Sort of a paraphrase from Gigi... for all you movie buffs out there.

Well! Let me tell you, it's been an eventful few days here! This post was going to be about my birthday (which was Sunday; thank you ever so much to all the family and friends who called, sent cards, emailed, or improvised "Happy Birthday" on the trombone, and Large Props to Nicole Wats for taking me out for a lovely dessert and wine at Moscow on the Hill) -- but now that it's three days ago I've really already moved on. I'm 31 now, if you were wondering.

My dad was in town last week, giving me some much-appreciated time to cook (I know that sounds bizarre, but I really love being able to make dinner sans interruption) and gallivant a little with Jean. On Saturday, I went to the Farmer's Market and bought all kinds of wonderful foods, and then I did a teeny bit of garage sailing... scoring not one, but two sets of kids' golf clubs (golf bags included), for $27. One righty set, one lefty. (!!!) I know, I'm ridiculous, but I'm determined to retire in style... and golf pays well. :) :) :) Truly, the clubs are in perfect condition (as are the bags) so what the heck. Joel's dad is excited, so I am too.

Joel started taking down our dead maple tree on Saturday... to make room for my dream luxury sand volleyball court. I can't wait! Saturday afternoon we went up to Oak Grove (north of Andover) for Vivian's 1st birthday party. The food was delish, the beach was fantastic (despite the bizarre sight of people smoking on the beach... I mean, really, who even smokes anymore??), and we got to see lots of people we hadn't seen in a while. It was very fun, even though our kids went sour kind of early. Shout-out to Adam's family members who have been lurking here for a while.

Sunday I didn't get out of my jammies until 5PM. What a perfect birthday! Jean had a softball tourney in South St Paul so we went to watch a game early in the evening. We ate ice cream cake, did some laundry, cleaned the house... not too shabby.

The kids have been enjoying the hot weather immensely. We hang out in the $7 backyard pool and Joel turns on the sprinklers sometimes. Today we went to the beach at Ft. Snelling State Park, which was AWESOME and perfect for the little ones. Imagine all 4 Watson and Gronau kids pointing crazily at the sky, shouting "AIRPLANE!!!" and then resuming their splashing around in the knee-high wateer, and that's how the morning was. Unadulterated glee.

Cousin Kate was in town this week and we had her over for dinner last night. We watched the highlights of Annie (the dance numbers, natch), drank wine-in-a-box, ate brownies and leftover ice-cream cake, and had very nice chats.

And... tomatoes! OK actually, before I go into the details of my harvest, I have to remind you people that this is not a vegetable garden that we're talking about. It's 4 lonely tomato plants. My basil plant is, I fear, headed for the great compost heap in the sky, so let's not lose our heads. But the tomatoes!! I harvested about 8 cherrys in the last couple days. The first one was truly mediocre-tasting, but the following few have been very delicious. There are several dozen green ones on the vines, so I will keep you all updated on our bounty.

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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Man, I just SUCK when it comes to birthdays. I really do. I'm so sorry I didn't give you a happy b-day shout out. I forgot another friend's birthday last week as well, and would have forgotten yet another's if she hadn't reminded me. (And it also happened to be on the 24th.) So, anyway, belated it may be, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! :) Glad it was such a lovely day (and weekend, by the sounds of it) for you. Congrats on edible tomatoes, too.