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Monday, June 04, 2007

What Lucy doing? Why not?

I hate it when entire weeks get away from me!

Well, as far as writing here, I mean. I actually know just where the entire week went, and it was thoroughly enjoyable, thankyouverymuch.

I didn't watch Jayla at all last week or this week. No big deal, but it kind of made me feel like I was on vacation a bit. I played volleyball and softball and took the kids to Joel's softball game last week, only to be caught in one of those superquick downpours that we've been having.

I haven't been running. I do want to take it up again... but Im giving myself a little break. I'm on vacation, remember?

We had a wonderful laid-back weekend here at home. I rode my bike to the farmers' market on Saturday and then ran my other two errands on bike as well. I won't lie; the hills in this 'hood are challenging. But it felt great to be out and about and not using any gas. Now I'm working on getting Joel to ride his bike to work. Riiiiiight. ;)

Went back to the farmers' market Sunday AM so Joel could buy some tomato plants. "What!?!?" you may ask. Yes, plants -- Joel really wants a vegetable garden. I told him that I would try to remember to water the plants but that I would NOT become emotionally invested in this alleged "vegetable garden." I think he said that was all right. Although I did buy myself a couple little basil plants too... poor doomed little buggers.

We went to church after the FM on Sunday, and then Joel's old buddy Jared made a surprise visit. It was SO great to see that cat! Nothing about him has changed in the slightest. Joel's p's and sisters came over Sunday afternoon too and we had a lovely visit. Donna and I took the kids to TJ Maxx and I, against my better judgement and against five years' worth of precedent, actually purchased a hand towel for my bathroom.

Lucy's been having some tummy issues for the past week, but the good news is it's been a couple weeks with no accidents -- that includes dry nights as well! Now we just have to figure out how to wean her off the M&M reward. Oh, PS, the title of this post is all Lucy says these days. I do not know why she wants me to verify that she's drawing pictures, or putting Mr. Potato Head together, or pulling all the blankets/babies/pillows/books off her bed to "make it a boat" (I also don't know why the bed has to be completely naked in order to be a boat). And I really don't know why she asks "Why not?" instead of just "Why?" like a normal almost-3-year-old. I do know that it's really hard to mentally convert "Why not?" into "Why?" so that I can answer it properly. Because she means "Why?" ...And "Why not?" never makes any syntactical sense.

Ed is a hilarious little fool, climbing like a monkey and always acting the ham. And he's so, so sweet... snuggly when he's tired... and always happy to present his bare feet to your face for a zrbrt.

This morning we had a fun playdate with a family down the street from us. It is so cool getting to know nice, fun, new people!

Alas, dishes and laundry and dinner-making await.

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Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Wow, a veggie garden--that is such a great idea. I really wish I was any good at gardening; I'd have converted our berm into a mini-farm ages ago if I thought I'd be able to keep anything alive. Other than lima beans in plastic cups in elementary school, I can't seem to coax anything to bloom. It's one of the things I'd like to do with Abby when we homeschool--maybe she'll have her Greena's and Par's very green thumbs and be able to raise her own veggies. :) I wish they lived closer (those are Dan's parents, by the way--that's what our nephew Simon came up with instead of Grandma and Grandpa) because they are fantastic gardeners and I'd love to turn our property over to them and just say, "Have at it!" Good luck--take pictures when things start to grow!