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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yeah, it makes me smile...

I'm super-hooked on Lily Allen's CD "Alright, Still". It's been a really long time since I had a new CD that really made me happy! Even though the lyrics are actually really, um, jaded-urban-Gen-Y, maybe? Whatevs, I like her British accent. So I've been surreptitially listening to Lily (too many swears for baby ears) when I can. Thanks Stu!

GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY, could you even imagine a more beautiful weekend? 70s and sunny and so lovely. We got the garage cleaned out (including the removal of truly revolting amounts of mouse messes), I went to Target three times, and we got the laundry and groceries taken care of for the week (I think).

I also agreed to teach some more dance lessons for a couple from my current Latin class and some people in their condo-building. This will be a great night-job if it carries on. I was sort of looking forward to not-teaching for a while but it seems like it will be a good gig so I may as well give it a go.

Alley Joel and Cara were putzing in their garage on Saturday so we all had a barbecue right before the rain came. The kids fawned all over Jean and Cara; it was fun to see.

The kids spent kind of a lot of time this weekend at the playground; thank goodness it's only a block away! They both love the swings. Lucy is getting brave enough to do the slides by herself; unfortunately, so is Ed. That kid! I do not know what to do with a boy. We put him down in the sand for three seconds this morning and next thing we knew he was halfway across the playground, a third of the way up the steps. Oof. I know he's frustrated that he can't walk or keep up yet.

Oh, and I helped Jean buy, transport, and assemble some new bedroom furniture today. So fun! I love helping other people spend money. And I do love Ikea. I got a few frames for the kitchen in hopes of getting some pix of my kids actually up in the house here.

My sister Ellen ran in Chicago's "Shamrock Shuffle" today along with thirty thousand other people. My folks went to see her run and said it was a total madhouse. Can you even imagine? Ellen is also joining this sorta-almost-professional women's volleyball team in Chicago. She totally amazes me.

Tomorrow I start watching Jayla 5 days a week. I really want it to go well... I know it will just take some actual planning on my part, even though it's only 1.5 hours a day. It's supposed to be gorgeous again tomorrow... so I should probably go to sleep so I can get up and enjoy it, eh?

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