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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Not the movie.

This is my 300th post! Happy to me.

Joel and I are sitting in the living room right now with the TV actually off. OFF. OFF, do you hear me?!? I do not remember the TV being off ANY other evening in our house. Joel had on the Pussycat Dolls show, whatever-the-heck it is, and he started whining about how bad it was and I suggested (kiddingly!) that the TV could, indeed, be turned off and he actually went over and did it. And then swore about it for the next five minutes, while gnawing on some random pretzel crumbs and staring oddly at the darkened TV screen.

He's reading a month-old issue of Sports Illustrated now. Upp, now he's starting to wiggle. And swear again. Annnnnnd....

The TV's back on. Well it was a good 20 minutes, while it lasted. To be honest, I spent 10 of it on the phone with Jean.

Speaking of TV, I feel the need to admit that I have the teeniest crush on the guy who plays Tommy on The Black Donnellys. I am not the type to crush on actors. But I did read he was a ballet dancer (ballerino? ballet-man?) so maybe that has something to do with it. Joel knows about it and has started walking around with his cheeks sucked in, telling me to "get outta my bid'ness".

Know what bugs me? When people say "down south" when what they mean is "southern Minnesota." Because those two terms are not interchangeable.

Edward had his 12-month well-baby this morning. He's like almost 24 pounds and maybe 31" tall. Or something. They said 85th% for height and 80th% for weight. So he's a chunker, which should surprise nobody. His head is exactly average -- so take that, mean mall mom. :)

Drat! My battery's dying, I'd better go. Be well...


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

What did mean mall mom say about poor Ed's head? I don't think I remember reading about that...

Wow, an off TV. I swear, if it were up to me, the thing would be out of my house. I've seen enough TV in the last 3 years to tide me over for the next 10.

Abby's going in for her 15 month at the end of March--I don't think she's gained any weight since her 12 month, believe it or not. She was 19-point-something at the beginning of January, and last time I checked she was still fluctuating between 19- and 20-point-something. But i think she's gotten a little taller.


Ellen said...

This is perfect! I have a tiny crush on the guy who plays Kevin, scrawny though he may be.
I have fallen into the habit of using "down south" in reference to body parts below the belt. Is this acceptable?

Meg said...

Oh, the mall mom couldn't believe he was almost a year (this was a few weeks ago) because she said he looked so tiny.


Also -- El, I guess that leaves two for Jean to choose from; she can't complain about that!
Also, it's acceptable to me. Remind me to tell you a dumb story this weekend. :)

Nicole P said...

Hi Meg! I finally logged back on your blog today-- Ashley is 3 weeks old today, so I took a "little" hiatus from reading about you and your family's adventures!! I wanted to post a little comment to a topic you had a few days back -- I actually had an epidural with Ashley (not planned but it was the right choice for us), and she nursed like a champ right away after birth and is still going strong. I had Josh natural, and he had a ton of problems nursing because he has a short frenulum (sp?)... Go figure! Anywho, hope all is well -- the pictures of your kids are so cute and I have been going back and re-reading through your blogs from when Eddie was born and have been "re-enjoying" them!! : )

L, Nicole

Jean said...

I don't even watch that show, and here I am left with your sloppy seconds. Or should I say sloppy thirds? Thanks for nothing!

Adam said...

Hey Meg! I was cleaning out some boxes yesterday and came across an old address book... So I looked up some people and there you are! It's Adam... I sat behind you Mr. Casale's class... A.K.A. the Skokie dungeon that was CD. It looks like things are going quite well for you and Joel (& Co.)... I'm glad to see it. Write back when you get a chance ( I'd love to chat and catch up a bit. Tell Joel I said Hi. Hope to hear from you soon. -- Adam