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Monday, March 05, 2007

Dur dur d'etre bebe!

At least, I sort of think that's how you say "it's so tough to be a baby" in French, though my source on that is the 8-year-old (as of 1992) French "house mix" singing sensation Jordy, so, you know, take it with a grain of salt.

Oh, so Ed fell asleep in the middle of lunch today. He got the leans midway through his second PBJ sammy and the next time I looked over, he was cashed.
In other news, we hooked ourselves up with a fambly membership to the Children's Museum, and I am super excited to make that a regular outing. We also started a toilet-learning sticker-chart/M&M-bribe system with Lucy. We'll see how it goes.


Jean said...

Cette image est si mignonne!
C'est dur à être bébé.

Nicole said...

We recently got a membership at Children's too so well see you there:) When, what time? :)

Also the M&M's will work like a charm, stickers - well there are cool but lets face it they are not M&M's. Good luck with everything.

Ellen said...

When did both of my sisters learn french?

Meg said...

Ellen, I believe I made it perfectly clear that I "learned French" from one song sung by an 8-year-old named Jordy. Do an iTunes search for Jordy and "Dur dur" and I'm pretty sure you'll find it.

Jean, did you just tell me that I looked like a steak?

Meg said...

Rats, El, I thought you said "where."


Also aforementioned. 1992.

Jean said...

No, I didn't say you look like a steak! I said that the picture of Eddie is darling, and that it is tough to be a baby.

C'est aussi fort hors ici pour un proxénète!
(It's also hard out here for a pimp!!)