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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running

I'm not sure what that lyric means but the song's been running through my head since it was playing at the Kids' Museum this morning.

Yurk! I can't believe I haven't posted in nigh-on a week.

We had a wonderful trip to Illinois over the weekend. Spent lots of good grandparent-time (including seeing Aunt Eller and both my grandmas, what a treat!) and by the third night both kids were content sleeping in my folks' accommodations. We also got to see adorably pregnant Stulie and play Santa by bestowing upon them 2 gynormous bags of baby clothes. So we must be done having kids... we have no more baby clothes!

On Saturday my mom treated me, Joel, Lucy, Ellen and Grandma Jake to Seussical, the Musical at Conant High School. The show was not bad, and fun, and Lucy was rapt with attention (as was Grandma). Lu clapped at the end of every song and blew bubbles during the tub scene and got to meet some of the Whos after the show and she loved it.

Joel took Lucy on a date this evening to see Charlotte's Web at the $2 show. Well, $1 for two-year-olds. She talked all day about how she was going on "a date" after her nap. They got popcorn and she held her tinkle until after the show was over. Her only complaint was that there weren't any songs in this version (she knows all the songs from the 1973 version we have at home).

Oh! Which reminds me, Lucy has been wearing big-girl underpants for a week. She's had a few accidents, most of which have been my fault (like, not taking her directly to the pot after a longish grocery trip... or forgetting to diaper her for a nap). But she's doing pretty well. Man, that girl has a mind of her own -- you cannot force her to sit on the pot if she doesn't want to. Boy, oh boy. We had a slight problem tonight: Joel diapered her around 7:15 and by 7:45 (she goes to bed around 8) she had wet the diaper so much that it soaked through her jammy pants. She did tell me she was tinkling, as she was going... but it's as though wearing a diaper gives her license to just tinkle whenever. So, moms-who've-been-here... what should I do? Not diaper her until right before bedtime? Or do I have to buy those spendy "Feel-n-Learn" diapers that feel wet on her bottom and have her wear those at bedtime and naps?

I should say that Lucy did drink a lot of juice during her date. So that maybe exacerbated the problem.

Ed's still not walking, which is OK by me. That kid is going to have a major head injury by the time he's 2, I can almost guarantee it. No fear, no sense -- he just climbs up on everything.

I'm going to bed now... got another wild day ahead tomorrow...

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Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

"So we must be done having kids... we have no more baby clothes!" Is that like "I must have money because I have checks left"?