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Monday, March 12, 2007

Gotta go!

A couple other Lucyisms I need to write down:

A couple weeks ago I was running a little short on temper. The ever-perceptive Lucy goes "Mommy, you mad at me?"

Me (after a deep breath): "No, honey, I'm not mad at you."

Lucy (after a thoughtful pause): "You... fussin'-ratin' at me?"


Also -- some kids have imaginary friends. Lucy has... imaginary words. Specifically: floo, fla, flow, and fisha-fasha.

It's really interesting to observe, because you can tell she uses them when she can't quite come up with the right word as quickly as she wants to use it. For example, when she doesn't like something or she thinks something is icky, she'll often call it "floo" or sometimes "flow and low."

Carol and I went out for drinks on Saturday night, to a local dive. I mean, it's a serious dive. So anyway, we're walking out the door at (a very modest) 11pm, and a woman steps out of the bushes sort of right into me. We just barely brushed shoulders; I didn't even think the contact warranted an "excuse me"... but the gal sorta shouted at us: "White hos gotta go!"

I mean, really. You know what Carol and I look like. Like minivan-drivin' moms. Though I suppose the gal was spot-on about the white part.


CarolSue said...

You know in my younger, tougher, more inebriated days, I would have kicked her ass. It just seemed like a lot of work that night, and it was late. :)

Meg said...

Yeah, Carol, you used to be one serious hard-ass!

Now excuse me while I go change my pants. :) :) :)

Suds said...

Yeah, you two are a couple of real serious hard-asses!