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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tuesday afternoon

One of those days when I have to wear ALL THE HATS.

Got up early and helped scuttle the kids together so we could get to my Pirates rehearsal at St. Pascal's by 8:15. I dropped them at school at 9:22 and headed up to Shoreview to teach a ballet class to 13 new-and-familiar little ones. Back to Dayton's Bluff by noon for a Forum meeting, then back home where I've been answering rollergirl emails and prepping for dinner and doing housewifey things like laundry.

It can be really tough keeping track of all these different things. I talked on the phone with Sherry and our lives overlap in so many ways it is entirely mind-boggling. We liken ourselves to ferrets when we try to have a conversation, and it's a wonder we get anything accomplished.

Kids will be home in 20, so I'm going to knuckle down and do some things until they're here.

Tomorrow is a much-quieter day, though, with nothing on the docket until evening, hooray. I am learning to value some down-time.

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