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Saturday, January 05, 2013


Practice Thursday night in the concourse was really great. I love concourse practices -- possibly because what I really love is racing and skating fast and endurance, and possibly I shouldn't be playing a full-contact sport at all. But I digress.

The All-Star mixer was very much like a regular All-Star practice. Regular warmup (which I modified based on my no-jumping restrictions), paceline work (I did the weaving but not the whipping, to avoid stress on my arm), agility (too much jumping/falling risk, so I sat out everything except the backward-weaving) and scrimmagey-drills (sat out entirely). Home-team practice had started by then, anyway, so some Bombshells and I did some endurance stuff until the All-Stars (and hopefuls) joined us. In all, it felt so great to connect with many skating friends again and see so many faces. It felt like being home again.

I got to the gym Thursday AND Friday, doing some spinning, elliptical, kickboard and Bosu ball balancey stuff. I had a nice visit with Sherry, a lovely conversation with Jean, and we've had some nice family dinners and games. This morning after breakfast and Skyping with my folks, it got really quiet in here and I found both kids curled up in the living room, reading silently. Such a blessing to have such readers. They make up the weirdest little routines together and get such a kick out of one another. We are so lucky.

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