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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Well, it seems as though the mystery-illness I thought I might be coming down with was instead just a whopper of a migraine. 600 mg ibuprofen and 2 hours later, though, and I'm practically good as new.

Joel has passed his skills testing and is officially a member of Minnesota Men's Roller Derby! He hasn't been drafted to a team yet, but has practice 3 nights per week (sadly, at the same times as MNRG practices). He's excited, but this is a weird change to our routine. For the next month, HE will be the one going to practice 3 nights per week, while I'll be the one in charge of the kids' bedtime routine and evening activities.

Once my leave-of-absence (LOA) is over, he and I will alternate practice dates -- so for example, he'll go on Sunday, I'll get Tuesday, he'll go Thursday and then I will go the next Sunday. This is because each of our leagues require 50% attendance in order to bout. The difference is that MY league actually has bouts scheduled, and for the moment his does not, so I might get some kind of priority when it comes down to it.

This is hard. I've been involved with derby now for 2.5 years, putting in a year on the rec league (only 1 day per week), going through tryouts and 3-day-per-week boot camp, then one full season during which I had extremely high attendance, then all-star tryouts and practice all spring and summer. I rarely miss practice and I felt like I was able to learn and improve quickly simply by showing up so frequently.

Having to drop down to 50% attendance is going to be a bummer, certainly. Though maybe playing less will give my body more time to recover, and I'll be less likely to be injured (assuming I make time to exercise outside of practice, which I'd like to continue to do).

And I'm so happy for Joel. Derby has had such a positive effect on my mental state, and on our relationship, and I'm so pleased to see him regularly DOING something active with other men. He is a very bad friend who makes no effort to hang out with his guy friends (and I realize this is a near-universal thing with men). I want him to experience being part of a team -- though he's played baseball, softball, and basketball in the past, I think there's far more camaraderie when you see each other 3x per week for intense practices, rather than once a week for a one-hour game.

So we are in a weird limbo now, where I'm on LOA and he is able to really throw himself into the sport. There's no need or reason -- other than fun, keeping up on (light) skating, and seeing my teammates -- for me to attend practices these days. I had arbitrarily set my return date for Feb. 1, but I'm thinking I might push it later in order to give Joel more time with his league. Truly, my doctor said my bone wouldn't be fully healed until the end of February anyway, and suggested I wait until April before I return to full contact, so taking another month off might not be so bad. I can skate at the RollerDome one night per week so I'm not so terribly far behind when I do return.

Today started out well -- I had a St. Pascal's rehearsal in the morning and then took a Spinning class before meeting up with Julia, Sherry, Laura, and Laska at Julia's house. We met a couple of Julia's other friends, Fatima and Angela, and we had some lovely mom-time together until my headache started creeping. I went home and napped for an hour, foolishly waiting 'til 4pm to take my ibuprofen, at which point I needed another 90 minutes' rest for it to kick in. Fortunately Joel was game enough to pull dinner together. The kids were absolute angels, reading and generally being their awesome selves up until bedtime. Joel considered skipping his practice -- which makes me a LITTLE ANGRY though I do know what it's like to be exhausted from a long day and have to get in the car and drive across town and do something even more exhausting (also it's raining in January, which doesn't really bode well for safety on the roads). But he decided to go and I think I might grab some ice cream and put on a movie.

Tomorrow's Friday, payday, thank goodness -- I forgot to budget our grocery money properly and it's been Pantry Roulette (my favorite game! Just kidding -- nobody like dinner EVER!!) all week. I actually super-lucked-out, finding packages of salmon and chicken in the basement freezer -- otherwise it was going to be Ants on a Log for supper. Yikes.

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pilgrimchick said...

Oh, I am very familiar with pantry roulette. I usually play with canned goods.