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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday afternoon

So I totally scheduled out my entire afternoon to give me just the right amount of time to clean up the kitchen, put away laundry, and figure out how to set my oven to cook some baked potatoes while I'm at rehearsal, because I think it can be programmed to do it that way...

And instead I decided to write a little update.

Life is grand. I can't get over these gorgeous fall days... even though I feel terribly guilty for not getting outside and enjoying them. Dear gorgeous fall days: I promise to enjoy you when the kids are in school, in like three years.

I actually put Halloween decorations in front of the house. AND we have a lovely little crop of smallish pumpkins that I've been able to kind of scatter about the yard, to autumnal effect. Halloween is not exactly my favorite holiday, but three years ago I acquired a big box of decorations at the same garage sale where I picked up my double stroller. I wasn't even going to drive by the garage sale; I'd just picked up Lucy from day care and I was TIRED. But I did, and as I drove by I saw the mother lode: a double stroller. For $20. This being an exceptionally good deal for a double-stroller, I felt somewhat obliged to buy more stuff. So I picked up a shelving unit and a giant box of Halloween decorations/costumes for an extra $20. So this is how I wind up with some random werewolves and ghoulie-things on my front steps.

Where was I?

OK, so big news: Ed is using the toilet. He had a horrid, blistery diaper rash a couple weeks ago, so I let him run around bare-bottomed to try to dry the sucker out. In my fear of pee on wool rugs and hardwood floors and silk throw-pillows (I know what you're thinking: "You own silk throw pillows? You are a moron"), I was real good about ushering him to the bathroom with some regularity. Well guess what? NO ACCIDENTS. I even heard his trademark barefoot-pitter-patter running into the bathroom once, and he totally went ALL ON HIS OWN. Hallelujah! So now I try to keep him bare-butt all the time at home and so far no spills or stray nuggets. I took him out on the town, diapered, yesterday and he was dry all day. And this morning when he woke up, his diaper was only slightly damp. So I am really hoping we're rounding a very happy corner here. The kinda-really-nice thing about cloth diapers is that when they're wet, they feel WET. And also, I don't have to stress about getting stuck with a giant box of unused diapers/pull-ups when he decides it's time for real undies. The bummer about cloth diapers is that when we're only going through one or two diapers a day, the stinky dipes can sit for up to a week or more between washings. And they get reeeeeeaaaaaal stinky.

Ed is also getting into narrating little stories. He talks about cereal and eating it with strawberries and raisins in the bowl, and he talks about being a mouse and climbing the stairs and Lucifer the cat getting banged in the nose by a door (OK that one's straight from Cinderella). I love hearing his little voice just ramble on and on.

Lucy's also developing her very own theory of mind, which probably means nothing to most of you -- basically she is getting to the developmental stage where she realizes that other people can think different thoughts from her. And she can see how her actions can change others' feelings. She's been an angel about sharing her treats with Ed or with other littler kids when they run out and she still has some. The other day we were driving in the car and the kids were watching a movie. Ed's screen stopped working, and I couldn't see but I could tell something was amiss because this kids were whining. So I asked Lucy if Ed's screen was broken. I expected her to say "Yes, it's not working" but instead she said "I can't see anything." Joel thought this was super-mundane but I thought it was fascinating that she didn't just say "it's broken" but rather relayed her own experience which was that she, personally, couldn't see anything on the screen. OK maybe I'm an idiot.

I thought I had one more thing to report but... it's gone. Hasta luego...


Heather said...

I am jealous that Ed likes the pot. Jackson cries (on the verge of hysteria) when I make him sit on it so I gather he's not ready. The way Jackson is with change, I'll be buying him depends when he's 11. Argh. He pooped on me today. ON me. I'll spare you the details. My kids have a little bug and you know how that can make "things" messy. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Meg said...

Heather you might be closer than you think! I swear it was only a couple weeks ago that Ed FREAKED OUT every time I'd even suggest the toilet.
The toddler-boy poo, especially when grape- or raisin-infused, has gotten way, way, WAY old.

Rebecca said...

Vivian loves the pot, but won't actually go. What do I do?

She also has no interest in wearing diapers anymore... well, ever since we read "No More Diapers for Ducky"...