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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There's too many kids in this tub.

So Lu and Ed have this little comedy routine they do. I'm serious. Joel says the whole thing is mocking me... but the way it comes out makes it sound like maybe it's from a movie? I have no idea. But they BOTH say it, over and over again, all the time. It's probably a dialogue but they each say the whole thing, often all in one breath:

"Mama mama mama. What? I'm making dinner. I want... OK get that. Here you go. Poof! Haha That's from Ice Age."

Now just in the last day or so Lucy has started to insist that this be tagged onto the end: "Honey it's dinnertime."

Ed has a toddler-crush on Lily, who's about 8 months older than Lucy. When we go pick up Lucy from a playdate at Lily's, Ed always wants to come inside. However, he often disappears into their home and I can't drag him and Lu out of there for an extra 1/2 hour. Which I wouldn't mind, but I fear the Hobdays are, like, "GET THESE GRONAUS OUT OF HERE." Anyway. Twice when we went ot pick up Lucy, we stayed for a bit and had some soup. So now Ed is obsessed with Lily's house and soup. Even though he detests soup at home.

"We go inna Lily's house?" he says.

"Well, I'M going to go in; you're going to stay here in the car."

"But they have-a soup."

Also Ed was admiring one of his creations in the toilet just now, and he said "It's FLOATING! Like a FISH!"

It's a miserable rainy day here -- but Jean is joining us tonight to watch the opening game of the World Series. So that ought to be fun! OK gots to start cooking up some dinner.

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