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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

A couple steps back in Ed's toilet-training: I'm mostly writing this so when I go to look back to see what toilet-training him was like, I don't say, WOW! What a snap!

So the problem is that neither his ECFE teachers, bless their hearts, nor the Maplewood Community Center "teachers" (more like tree stumps, if you ask me) know Ed's toileting signals, nor do they have the time or inclination to help get him to the bathroom, undo his pants and diaper, sit him down and make sure his junk is pointing the correct direction, and then help him back into his diaper and pants.

So when I go to retrieve him from either place, he is invariably wet and totally over going on the toilet for the day. Alas.

Joel's mom insists on calling a wallet a "billfold." I don't know why but it's super cute.

Joel went to a lunch-seminar at his work given by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, about protecting the kids' sleep. So we've been working toward a 7:30 bedtime, rather than the technically-8:00-but-usually-more-like-8:30-oh-what-the-heck-9:30-and-they're-not-asleep-until-10 thing we haven been sliding into.

We had one night of awesome success: kids were in at 7:30 without a peep. Then the last 2 nights have been kinda murder, with Lucy ready to go down but Ed squawking for an hour or more later.

Hmmm... 15 minutes and it's still quiet. Could it be?

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