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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The skinny on the hooey

Quick Saturday update:
It's a gorgeous fall day here in St Paul. Yesterday I dropped Eddie on his face onto the hardwood floor and gave him a goose egg between his eyebrows and he bit through his lip and got a bloody nose and I bet that's the last time he asks ME for a piggyback ride while he's carrying his Diego backpack plus his magic blanket.
After the face-smashing incident, we decided to skip Lucy's "Blast Off to Kindergarten" event at the Children's Museum and I hope my ECFE parent educator will be able to forgive me, again, for having to choose to stay with my own children rather than try to reach out to others'.

Once Joel got home and we established that Ed was neither concussed nor in a coma (as I was holding him while he was still sobbing, I started to cry too, and Eddie goes "Don't cry Mama! I'M sad!!!") Carol and I caught "Mamma Mia" at the Riverview $3 show instead. The popcorn was a little stale but the show was absolutely ridiculous in all the right ways. JUST what I needed. How much fun must it have been to make that movie!?! Singing and dancing always makes me weep with joy. Even though I totally missed the "Aphrodite's fountain" thinghy at the end; I just thought they were all going to fall off the cliff and die.

Nikki met us out afterward at the wine bar across the street. We had some MUCH-needed Girl Talk and some really lovely red wine and we stayed until they started mopping around our shoes. It was wonderful and I'd had no idea how much I needed a night like that.

This morning I took Lucy to Target to buy a couple gifts, and then we went up to the Maplewood Community Center for... Lucy's first audition! She tried out for Ashland's Christmas show. I am not at all certain she's ready to actually be IN the show -- fortunately they're very easygoing over there. She went onstage and sang "Line. Line. Circle, circle, square square square square, triangle triangle line." Right on key and nice and strong. I am incredibly proud of her. She didn't care to learn the dance portion of the audition (ah, sweet irony!) but she was SO BRAVE. She came home, ate a PBJ, took a 40-minute power nap, and dressed in her best gown with fairy wings just in time to be picked up and chauffeured to Annika's 5th birthday party.

Ed and Joel took the morning to hit Menards and pick up some much needed around-the-house-fixit stuff. Not sure what got into Joel, but he is in Project Mode and I am not complaining. I might go iron him some shirts to show my appreciation. Errr, maybe.

Tonight we're headed to Jon Englert's baby shower (now there's a phrase I never thought I'd type) -- do you think a party starting at 4pm on a Saturday will be serving dinner? I'm kinda hoping so.


CarolSue said...

I don't think I mentioned to you guys that when I picked up my purse off the floor last night - it actually was wet from where they hit it with the mop, so you weren't exaggerating one bit.


See you later!

SO glad to hear Ed's going okay. Do you think he's going to get black eyes?

Meg said...

I thought of that yesterday! I don't know how long black eyes take to develop, but so far his biggest scar is his poor shredded lip.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

What song was that that Lucy was singing???

Meg said...

Dunno! She said it was from TV. Although she also said it was from her ECFE class. I don't recognize it. At first we thought she (and maybe Joel) made it up, but the rhythms/tones are a little too sophisticated.

bridget said...

We also had a head injury this week! Two year old boys, what are you gonna do with them!

Heather said...

I was in a irritated hurry to get Jackson to the doc on time this week and totally opened the door into his face as I was taking Roxie inside. Thankfully the Dr. is a friend because that's not exactly where you want to go when you have to say, "No really, the DOOR hit him in the face. Really."

Way to go Lucy! My first audition was for Sound of Music. I was 6 or 7. I sang so quietly they had to ask me to repeat it. Didn't get the part. It went to the girl who sang, "We are the salt of the earth. Yes! We are the salt of the earth!" at the TOP of her lungs.