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Monday, January 29, 2007

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me three times, thy name must be Cub Foods.

So I've HAD IT with Cub Foods. They have their stinkin' coupon books with all their "buy-one-get-ones" and you have to rip the coupons out and hand them to the clerk and then you have to bag all of your own groceries even when you have both of your very small and very wiggly and very vocal children with you in the store, so you can't really take the time to watch the clerk's every movement to make sure they actually ring up all the coupons you just handed them, and then you get home and just happen to be glancing at your receipt when you notice that the $10 worth of roast beef that you bought that should only have been $5 was still showing as $10 so you have to go all the way back to the store and have them adjust it and give you back your $5.09 in cash and you're telling me they don't have the technology just to put it back on my card?! because giving it back to me in cash is like not giving it back to me at all and it happens once and I feel stupid and embarrassed and it happens again and I start to get angry and it happens a third time and even though your 18-year-old manager was super nice and actually gave me back the entire $10.38 I spend on roast beef that day, and even though Cub is super close to my house and also I know the layout like the back of my hand so I can actually find a jar of roasted red peppers or wheat germ when I need it, I will be taking my grocery business elsewhere for the next month or so, because I Just. Can't. Take. It.

So, Byerly's, here I come. Or Rainbow, I guess -- it's probably only 5 minutes farther away.

As Joel said last night, if I'm going to get ripped off anyway, I'd like to know about it when it happens (i.e. at Byerly's), rather than finding out after I'm already home.

In More-Positive News!
Ed got his first haircut yesterday! I did it myself, with distraction-help from Joel and Lucy. Ed is so adorable I can hardly stand it. I guess I could post a photo... um...


CarolSue said...

I tried to tell 'ya... Rainbow action is sweet action. No coupons, good deals, baggers and the whole ball of wax. If you want a ball of wax, that is.

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

You'll enjoy Rainbow so much more. Especially the produce! It's so pretty it rivals Whole Foods. No birds flyin' around in the ceiling, nice clean floors, baggers who refuse tips, nice checkers, other shoppers who seem sane. That's worth at least $5 a trip to me.

MC said...

I have to add my 2 cents and suggest SuperTarget, surely there is one sort of by you. When I've had Owen with and a cart or two full of groceries, they will gladly send a cart boy out to the car to help you if you ask - and they've even helped put the groceries in the car for me. Also, if something doesn't ring up while you are in line, they will just ask what your best guess is so you don't have to wait for someone to check. And they bag for you. I like it!

bridget said...

My vote is for SuperTarget also! The only challenge with that is getting out or Target without the additional shopping spree!