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Monday, January 08, 2007

One bad, one good!

Were you watching the BCS Bowl on TV Monday night? Did you catch the halftime show? Please, please say you were. Because my description is soooo not going to do it justice.

So I think it was the Ohio State marching band who was playing. Joel and I are talking so I wasn't looking at the TV, but the tune sounded familiar... ah! "My Heart Will Go On," of course, the Celine Dion megahit from "Titanic."


Oh, dear.


No, they aren't.

The marching band forms the SHAPE OF THE TITANIC. Spanning probably 70 yards of the football field. Complete with smokin' smokestacks -- I'm not sure if they had dry ice in their tubas, or what. And...

Oh, my.

The other half of the band forms THE OCEAN, waving beneath the, erm, marching ship. And then...

Shut up.


I cannot believe I am watching this... NO WAY. The "ocean" holds up a big shiny blue swath of fabric, and the rest of the band (the part that looks like a ship) starts marching forward (downstage, as it were) as though it is SINKING BENEATH THE WAVES.

They march and march until only the smoky smokestacks are still showing, and then they, too, vanish under the blue fabric.

Now, I'm not real sensitive. I'm not easily offended. I'm relatively open-minded and appreciative of art, and music, and artistic interpretation, and all that jazz. I always vote Democratic, except when I vote Independent.

But... seriously?? Well, for one, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. But it was much less of a "wow, that's comedy!" laugh and much more of an appalled and flabbergasted laugh of shock. I mean, something like 1,100 people died on and around that ship. I know it was like 93 years ago, but has that tragedy really been reduced to a bizarre and ill-advised marching-band gimmick? Maybe the performance was of high musical quality, I have no idea, but as a casual watcher I was actually a little horrified. Maybe I missed the emotional and serious prelude to the performance, in which case I apologize to... well, probably Ohio State, unless the Florida State band magically changed their costumes while Joel and I were talking.

As a side note, I have a real soft spot for Ohio State ever since meeting their dance team in college -- they were a very cool group of people.

The good!
I'm not one (I should stop starting sentences that way, it's lame and contradictory) to throw out wild recommendations for childrens' products all willy-nilly and whatnot, but I just love the book When Sophie Gets Angry -- Really, Really, Angry by Molly Bang. It is a very simple but amazing book about a little girl who gets, well, angry, and runs until she is tired and then sits and enjoys nature and then goes home to her waiting family. The artwork wasn't my fave right away but it's growing on me, and the message (Everyone gets angry; how do you handle anger?) has really touched Lucy. For one, she loves saying the title (complete with author name; super cute). For two, Sophie looks more than a little bit like my Lu. For three, the solution presented happens to be exactly what I like to do when I get really, really angry. And for four, it's sparked some actual discussions with Lu about "getting angry" and "getting sad" and what it means and what we do when we feel that way. Lu has the book memorized and I just love reading it along with her. It's been a very cool and unexpected experience and I thank whoever got us the book (because I can't remember now, I am so sorry).


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Ohhhh, so that's what the band was doing! I wasn't watching really; my eye was screwed up (turns out I have an ulcer on my eye--seriously) and watching TV made it hurt. But I did see the band huddled under a blue tarp and thought, "What, is it raining? What a wussy band, get out there in the weather!" Not it makes sense. And yes, it is sort of..inappropriate. And funny.

That book sounds good; I'll have to get it! Have you heard of/read "The Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day"? Actually, there's a kid's name at the front but I can't remember it--Alexander, maybe? ("Alexander's Terrible," etc.) But I love how the book you talked about shows a coping mechanism for anger. That's a hard one for little kids. Well, all strong emotions are hard for them---heck, they're hard for adults! I'll definitely have to look for it.

Jean and Ellen said...

Think an ulcer on the eye is bad? Try being in South America sans one very important passport.
Wish us luck!

Meg said...

What? WHAT!??! That's all I get?!?! How the Hector Villanueva did you lose your passport?!? Are you kidding!?! What MUST!!!

Rebecca said...

What?!?! No passport? Where are you???? We need more details...some of us live vicariously through others' adventures now.

As for the OSU/Gator Game, we're just happy the Gators won. Lots of celebrating and happy people here! The Titanic thing is definitely sinking to a new low...pardon the pun.