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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Boring kid updates

Ed says "uh-oh" when he drops his cup on the floor. I guess we're counting that as his first word. He repeats what we say, too, as long as it's "mama" or "dada" or "eddie" (which is more like "ah-dee," so maybe he's just speaking Steve Lindsayese and we don't know it. OK, like four of you will get that joke). I don't recall Lucy repeating things at this age. Wait, I phrased that incorrectly: Lucy did not repeat sounds, back before she knew words. Does that make sense? Now, as you know, she's a stinkin' parrot.

Lucy ends every sentence with "...okay?". Ex: "Lucy, it's time to brush your teeth." "No, okay?" I know exactly where this comes from, as JG and I end everything we say with "okay?" -- I think we do it to make sure Lu heard/understood us. Well, she's picked it up.

P.S. Today got a lot better when both kids took 3+hour naps. Sweeeeet.


Scott said...


Just wanted to chime in since I was probably one of the 4 that got the Lindsay joke. Thanks for keeping the ah-dee's alive for another day. Ahdawado, ahdawadism.....or something like that.

5 weeks to go until Baby Pud #2 makes an appearance!

Hope all is well in Minnesota!

Lisa Anderson said...

Boring? That's not boring! I love reading about your kids. That's so cute that Eddie knows "Uh-oh." David likes to say "all done" which comes out more like "a-da", but he finally got the "n" at the end of it last night.

Hey - where are the pictures? I want to see how 'lil Eddie grown.