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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Losing it!

Both kids have colds or something -- they were both coughing much of the night last night again. I have a couple cute stories to post, if I ever have a moment... not happening this morning I tell you what. With the weather (and the kids being under it) we are totally stuck in the house. I don't think they like it either. They're both whiny and clingy and I'm super short-tempered. And Lucy's down to exactly three diapers, so I'm just going to have to go to Target tonight when JG gets home.
We're watching the Laurie Berkner DVD for like the 20th time in 2 days.
Oh man, Ed's whining again. Got to go.
Please email me or call me or something, I'm going nuts...


CarolSue said...

Ugh. It is no fun. No fun. Staring at the wall. Or at two sick kids - as the case may be. I've been there recently, and am glad to be past it... don't worry, it will get better!!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor pandas!!!!Hopefully they'll be better by Saturday I really wanna see yous. Bummer about the show, but we'll see you soon!!!!

MC said...

Who is Laurie Berkner?

Meg said...

Well, the most irritating thing is that they're really FINE. Lucy just has a teeny runny nose and coughs at night. Ed is a little sicker, I guess; goopy nose and Cranky and Clingy. I'm sure they'll be fine by the weekend.

Laurie Berkner Band is a CD/DVD we got for Lu's bday or something, I am sorry, I can't remember who it came from. It's like 40 minutes of silly kids songs with dancing and whatnot. Lucy loves it and does the dances and hand motions with great enthusiasm.
Tangent: Laurie's fine and all, but I enjoy the Ralph's World CD we have a little better -- I wonder if he has any DVDs out?