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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Victor Vito / and Freddie Dasco / ate a burrito / with lotsa Tabasco...

We have new songs in the house. Thank you, Laurie Berkner Band!

Lucy's new favorite food is vegetables. She calls them "jubbalos." She likes to tell Daddy she has "jubbalos in my pocket."

Which is sometimes confusing, because after her bath I usually put into her superfine, prone-to-scramblies hair, some leave-in conditioner, which Daddy and I call "product." As in, you know, hair product. She loves that, but calls it "pocket" too. The other day she was VERY upset because she wanted "pocket" and I was totally baffled.

P.S. I know some of you have gotten your Christmas cards. The rest of you will. SOON. I promise. The list was done in no particular order, so just because your last name is high in the alphabet doesn't mean I did you first.

If you never do get one and you're insulted, just let me know. And then I'll really insult you. No, just kidding.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like the can be quite tasty!!! Sometimes I forget myself that i'm an assistant, so no problem....just thought I'd put my two "sense" in. Love yous!!!

Ol Neighborina Nicole said...

Meg -- thanks for today's dance party, also courtesy of Berkner -- what a great playdate! And don't worry, Will is fine. He's got a heck of a bruise and a big scrape, but he's enjoying his new Elmo band-aids. :)

Anonymous said...

Christmas time is so much fun, usually by the end of the day I'm having so much fun I'm whistling zippity doo da out of my butt!!