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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Comments to the comments!

Okay, so I was so tickled to awaken this morning to FOUR comments from yesterday's post that I am energized to post again!

Went to a jazz dance class last night at Alesso's studio on Grand Ave. Best $12 I ever spent -- the class was challenging but not over my head, the instructor was a sweetie but not afraid to give some really great pointers, I got a great workout, and I got to dance. Hooray!

Oh, so back to the teeth: Ed has now slept until 5 or 5:30 AM three nights in a row. This is big, happy news, people. Awesome. I am a new woman.

And no WAY is the world short on hygienists; I swear, every college-age girl I talk to is going into dental hygienistry. Or wait, maybe it's dental-assisting, is that different? And maybe none of them are graduating. I can imagine, it's super hard. I observe (and experience!) the work they do on my teeth, and I have relatively-decent, occasionally-flossed teeth.

And actually, I'm going to choose "hilarious." Well, this week anyway!


Anonymous said...

Actually there is a difference between a hygienist and
and, to answer your question....word on the street is nobody is hiring hygienists right now, mainly because none of them want to work full time, but part time and they want all the benefits of a full timer. That's just what I heard, but what do I know, I'm just an assistant. Love ya!! Hooray for the kids and their teeth, keep brushing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie!
Received your Christmas card today and loved it. Not only did I get a glimpse into your perspective on your past year but it shows what a treasure you are by the choices you made. I am so proud of you.

Things usually work out like they are supposed to, the money usually resolves itself, life is way to short, and for everything there is a season.

30 is still a baby and its your time to play with your babies. You have the rest of your life to get and give "things" but later you will see that your season now will be your greatest achievement.

Have fun! Enjoy! And have the time of your life!

Denise and Duane

Meg said...

Well, thank goodness for Jamie! Silly me, I should have asked her straight-out. Also! Jamie! Are you still there? I take back what I said about white zin, I'm drinking what's left in that Barefoot bottle and honestly, it's quite delightful.

Also, Denise & Duane thank you for the lovely note! You guys are great. Merry Christmas.