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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two weird-but-true little stories for your reading pleasure

Gift mystery

So the day before we left for Lutsen, our former realtor called, all jolly-elf-like, which didn't fool us because that's exactly how he is... as long as he doesn't have your house listed and it isn't selling... anyway, and he mentioned that he was going to drop off a little gift for us at our house. We returned from Lutsen and found no such gift; however, our Friday newspaper was also missing so we thought maybe both items had just been pilfered from our front steps. Or, we thought, the realtor had simply thought better of driving across town to drop off a present for us. Either way, no great shake.

Except that since then, there has been what appears to be a gift sitting on the top step of the house across the street (formerly known as the Watson abode). It's been sitting there for over a week. People come and go from the house, and the giftlike object remains. I am sooooo tempted to wander over there and take a peek-see. I'm not sure how it got over there, if it is indeed our gift. And I'm not sure why the neighbors have simply left the mystery item on their porch... but we haven't met them so I can't really speak regarding their motivations.

So, should I wait until dark and go peek? Should I go over there under the pretenses of introducing myself? What do you think?

The Marmet Technique

For all my breastfeeding-Naziness, I've never learned to hand-express milk. It's a little too "earthy" for me, especially when Medela makes a perfectly good machine to do the job when necessary. However! My son apparently has Marmet down pat. He finds great joy in unlatching himself and then squeeeeezing... as long as the spray goes delightfully over his head and not right into his eye.


Lisa Anderson said...

Ouch! Is he biting? That's the worst. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Meg ~ I would go over there and introduce myself and then explain the weird situation. Honesty is the best policy!! It may be a fun way to start off a new friendship. You will always have a fun story of how you met. ~ Molly

CarolSue said...

Meg - have you forgotten rule #21.b in the East Side handbook?

And I quote:
"If a gift remains on the steps of a residence for more than 48 hours, it's fair game for any resident of any other house on the street to lay claim to aforementioned unclaimed gift."

Have at it!!

bridget said...

I say go get the gift, and if they say anything just play dumb!!!

Katers said...

Hahahahha! I am envisioning you dressed up like a Charlie's Angel sneaking over there all stealth like. It didn't occur to me to acutally walk over (like a mature adult) and introduce yourself.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

*lol* That's hilarious about Ed! I never really did the hand-expressing thing, either--I tried it once because I wanted to use breastmilk to mix into her cereal when we were first introducing cereal, and I didn't want to deal with the whole pumping thing for just a few tablespoons' worth. But I was not good at it.


Anonymous said...

After homeschooling 6 children for 14 years, breastfeeding all 7 of them I never ever learned the technique either.However I did learn finally how all these children were arriving on earth..if you need any pointers I can help you there. Sincerely Aunt Denise