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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Toasted bread is good

Not to be outdone, Lucy chose this week to start sprouting her "two-year molars" -- the last four teeth to complete her baby set. Fabulous!

Ed also grew his second tooth yesterday. The other bottom one.

In further dental news, I had an appointment this morning and no cavities! Except the hygienist was sick again somy dentist had to do the cleaning. I don't know if he was crabby about having to slum it, or if he's just extra-thorough, or if he's just not used to cleaning teeth, but it was not the most pleasant experience of my life. Although, I was out of the house sans children, so that was a bonus.

So here is what I need: some, like, "housewife shoes" is what I want to call them: something with support for my arches that I can slip on and off. I am walking around my house (which is mostly hard flooring) all day and I don't think it's good for my feet. I don't want a real bulky gym-shoe. Anybody have any thoughts? Oh, wait, like my Crocs maybe! Worth a try.


MC said...

Ah ha! Maybe that is why the kiddies were not sleeping well and Lucy was asking for a drink of water at 3 a.m.

CarolSue said...

I find it hilarious that we are at a point in our lives when going to THE DENTIST is considered a fun outing because we're out of the house without the kids. Actually hilarious isn't the word... maybe, pathetic??!

Jean said...

My dentist almost always does my cleaning. I think maybe the world is short on hygienists these days.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I think Nike and New Balance (heck, I'm sure all the sneaker companies, really) make slip-on versions of their gym shoes. From the front they look like lace-up sneakers, and they have cushioning and support and everything, but they're like clogs, there's nothing at the back of your heel. My mom has a pair, can't remember the brand, but she really likes them.

About 3 visits back, my hygienist (boy, there's just no way to spell that word and make it look right) had me in such pain that I've finally started flossing regularly. Granted she was also a bit rough with the tools, but I know part of it was my own fault. But wow, I've totally developed dentist-phobia since then, even though the last few visits weren't that bad. I'm aiming for a day where they look at my teeth and say, "Well, nothing to be done, really!"