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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Can this bleeping year please be bleeping over?

Ed's third tooth made its appearance over the weekend. It is a really large one, top left. His left. He's kind of a grumbly, drooly mess because #4 is right on the brink as well. Can you imagine getting your first four teeth, all within two weeks? It's a good thing he'll never remember this.

Jean, Ellen, Joel and I returned from Lutsen, mostly in one piece. On the 4th run of the first day (Saturday), Jean fell (mostly because Joel fell and she wanted to check on him) on her back onto a very sharp piece of icy snow, and knocked the wind out of herself and cracked a rib. She had trouble breathing and the ski patrol took her in on a snowmobile and then we took her to the ER in Grand Marais. The doctor was hottish (a little scrawny if you ask me, though nobody was asking me) and possibly single, which made the trip far more intriguing... and we only really lost maybe 2 hours of skiing. Jean was having a heck of a time, since laughing hurt the most and when the four of us are together that's just about all we do. She developed a super-scientific method of snapping her fingers whenever she was afraid that our acute hilariousness was in danger of forcing a laugh out of her... it generally worked, until our own guffaws drowned out her pathetic little finger-snaps.

Eddie's crying so as usual this is cut short. Anyway, Jean will be fine, we got some great skiing in, and I think that's it! Oh and I left my entire toiletries bag up there so I have no makeup and no glasses until Joel can choreograph some kind of exchange for the room key I also accidentally stole.

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Heather said...

We got your Christmas card/letter/picture the other day! LOVE IT! What a great picture of you guys and as usual, a great letter. I read it to Brian. He doesn't read your blog and though I tell him all the time what a graet writer you are, now he knows for himself. I am a bit of a Christmas Letter Snob - I hate-hate-hate when there are major spelling and grammar errors in them. We got several this year that should have been sent back for corrections. I decided that probably wasn't very, "Christmassy."
I could relate to Jean in this blog. When I had my c-section, laughing and coughing were the most painful things to do for about a week. Brian makes me laugh all the time, so we developed a system that I would hit a pillow if something was funny. If there wasn't a pillow to be hit, I would snap. Hope she's feeling better! Have a fun Christmas!!! Let's play soon. Where do you go for indoor playgrounds? We were just talking about indoor play at ECFE.