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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Beauty and the daddy

So Lucy and I were reading a generic "Beauty and the Beast" book yesterday (generic, as in, non-Disney-sanctioned), and every time dark-haired Beauty appeared on a page, Lucy would point and say "Mommy!"

Flattered, I encouraged her. "Yup, Mommy is a beautiful princess!" I said. When we came to the end and the blond prince appeared, she pointed again and said "Daddy!"

"Yes! That looks like Daddy!"

So last night I was getting Lu ready for bed while "America's Next Top Model" was on (I wasn't watching it, of course, it was just on. See, there's a difference). The models were lanking around, doin' their model-thing, and Lucy pointed again and said, "Mommy!"

Well, my goodness! She must have a very high opinion of her mother! And I must be really, really, ridiculously good-looking! Hurrah!

Okay, so this morning, I was holding Lu on my lap while I looked up a couple things online. Alas, she said "Daddy" while pointing to photos of, in turn, Kyle Lohse and Adam Rosenbaum. Neither of whom are at all bad-looking, but also neither of whom look particularly like Joel. So probably, any grownup female is "Mom" and any grownup man is "Dad." Rats.


Neighborina Nicole said...

Last night Owen pointed to Pickles, our cat, and yelled "doggy!" :)

Seattle Nicole said...

Nicole -- that is so cute!! Josh has been walking around the house holding a picture of him and Scott and sings, "DaDa DaDa DaDa!" And I think I heard him say "Cooper" to our little beagle this week too!

Nicole said...

How many Nicole's do you know? I am not sure how I should refer to myself?? Bookclub Nicole, Blaine Nicole.....

I think you have been doing a great job posting on your blog, don't be so hard on yourself. You put people the the Lier's to shame :) At least we have something to strive for.