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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday Check-in

Hi there!
Remember yesterday I said, in the immortal words of Phil Collins, that I [could] feel it, coming in the air tonight? Oh Lord?
Well this morning I feel like I've regressed. Yup, I'm like a week and a half out now.

Gus is kicking kind of faintly this morning, as if to say, Mom, I'm still here but I'm feeling a little sluggish today -- sluggish. Like a wet sponge. (Gus is a fan of early '80s sophomoric humor.) And I think I'm just going to snuggle back up and take a nap. I'll see ya in a couple weeks.

JG, Lulu and Pat Daly and I attended a community meeting last night at the high school regarding a Level 3 sex offender who's moving into the neighborhood (about eight blocks from our house, 5 blocks from the Dalys). *sigh* It was very educational and informative. I'm glad they have these meetings... I'm sad they have to. I'm fired up to help improve my community... I know I won't be taking any actual positive action in that direction. I wonder if staying in the city and "improving the neighborhood by my presence" is:
a. enough
b. foolish
c. hopeless
d. lazy
...or some combination thereof.

Lucy and Joel didn't stick around for the meeting; it was close to bedtime and SOMEONE preferred to toddle around the auditorium calling "Mama!" (her new favorite word; YESS!) rather than sit and listen to police officers talk. P-Dids and I took notes, though, and if any of our neighbors reading this want more info or want to talk about it, you know where to find me.

Speaking of neighbors, our neighbors-to-the-west let us know that their son, born in November with two holes in his heart, has been home for about three weeks and is doing just fine. Thank goodness. Welcome to the neighborhood; we're so glad you're home!

Todd my cube-neighbor is updating me daily on the celebrities who have birthdays every day, ostensibly so I can see, should Gus get born today, who (s)he'll share his/her bday with. Today is Dr. J, Michael Chang, Vijay Singh, and Amy Alcott. I was impressed with the diversity of sports, ethnicities and religions represented in that group, and I said so, so I don't think I'll jinx Gus's future as a professional athlete by having him/her today.

P.S. It's George Washington's birthday too.

P.P.S. It's Wednesday, in February. Could there BE any worse words to spell? Gaah!

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peggles said...

as for the previous blog...please do call. if it early in the morning (like before 11am), i may not hear the phone ring, but please do call. i am awake until the hours some people are getting up for work.

happy 40 weeks today! the date john & i chose for gus's birthday is long gone. grr. we'll see. maybe we'll get some of the other vital statistics correct, though.