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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Notes from Ellen

OK, I had to share. My sister Ellen emailed me this morning. I am still laughing.

How's the pregnancy going? Actually I'm pretty up to date cause I read your blog like I read Mark Trail. Religiously. Speaking of which there's talk of building a casino in Lost Forest! Horrors! Jean and I went to Alpine Valley yesterday and it was a blast! We tried snowboarding at first and boy, let me tell you. It is tougher than it looks. I actually felt like I was catching on, but we switcher to skiis for the big hills. A compete stranger called me Bode Miller. Was it because of my superior skiing? My disapointing Olympic performance? No. It was after I crashed through a fence at the bottom of the hill meant to prevent people from ending up in a river. Not only did I go through the fence, but I took the whole thing down with me. This was just one of the falls that resulted in Jeans wet pants and an injury that prompted my mother to say, "Why Ellen. It looks like you have 3 buttcheeks."


Rebecca said...


It seems as though the witty writing runs in the family!

Jean said... I finish up a spectacular run, gliding right into the ski lift line, and I look behind me, and..
Where's Ellen? She had always been right on my tail (or falling on my skis), and she was nowhere.
And then a few yards away I see her little smiling face popping out from underneath a demolished plastic blue fence, as she is attempting to claw herself out of a samll ravine. Your pants would be wet too. Wish you were there!

Rebecca said...

If you change the background on your blog, does it affect anything else?

Just wondering....completely has nothing to do with your post.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

*lol* That is hilarious!! A friend of mine did the exact same thing in college. She just couldn't stop, and she went zipping past everyone and right into through a plastic fence into a ravine. I thought she was dead bceause there was no noise at all from her after she disappeared--turned out it was because she was laughing so hard. :)

Oh, and Rebecca--I think you end up having to re-input your links and stuff when you change the layout of your blog.

Meg said...

Beck (who is this Rebecca person? Never hoid'a' her!) I think Alison is right -- if you select a new template, you will prolly have to re-do all your changes. You could probably copy-and-paste them if you kept both browser windows open, though, right?