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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Johnny Weir, you're not fooling anyone.

Yesterday, I actually had someone ask if I was pregnant.

I mean, really.

Had a lovely V-day at home with JG and LD -- we got gyros from Pappy's for the first time (delicious), and Joel brought me some tulips and cookies. Lucy was an absolute sweetheart last night, eating her dinner and playing "ring around the rosie" with us until bedtime.

Last night's repeatisms: "ball," "baby," "cookie," and, I forgot our new favorite:

"Lucy, it's bedtime, what do you say?"


Eeeee! So fun.


CarolSue said...

Hilarious! I was watching Johnny "The Swan" Weir last night and I turned to Pat and asked... "could he BE anymore gay?"

Meg - Could you BE anymore pregnant??!

Gotta go - nye nye!

Oh - and YEA for Pappy's! LOVE the gyros!

Meg said...

Carol, I am SO glad you tied together my headline (which I didn't realize I hadn't elaborated on whatsoever, but obviously it didn't need it) and my first couple lines, this is why you rock.

I could indeed be more pregnant; please see me next week. Oy, I don't even want to think about it.

Let's go back to Mr. Weir again, can we? I don't remember who I was talking to, they were saying he tries to be a real Badass of the Skating World. I mean. Give. Me. A. Break. One red glove does not a badass make, Johnny! Or wait, maybe in skating it does. It's all beyond me.

And that Scott Hamilton! Doin' his deal on Fox's "Skating w/Celebs" and then ALSO commentating (commenting? isn't the "tate" redundant?) on the NBC Olympics? That's some kind of conflict of interest, I would say. Must be nice to have that kind of cachet in your field where neither network minds.

P.S. I'm trying to work the phrase "talkin' out of school" into more conversations. With moderate success.

CarolSue said...

This is totally going off the subject - but I was just reading through the titles of your previous posts, and I realized as I read "38 week update," that even though I have a child, I have never been 38 weeks pregnant. Hmm. Not really interesting at all - but just had to share :)

I don't know if it's just because you guys found out so late that you actually WERE pregnant or what, but your pregnancy has FLOWN by. Don't know if you feel the same way or not. :)

Oh - and Meg, that's what I'm here for - to confirm your prowess as an accomplished writer. That's what friends are for. Keep smiling. Keep shining. Knowing you can always count on me. For sure. :)

Meg said...

That is so funny Carol because I realized that about you a couple weeks ago -- I was like, damn that Carol, she's never seen the dark side of 36 weeks! Well, there's always this time. MUAhahahahahaa.

I do feel like this time has flown by. In fact, I still feel not really "ready." Unlike at the end with Lu when I WAS.

In a way, it's good because I am tying up all sorts of loose ends at work, at home etc., hoping that once I finish some task I will finally feel ready. I dunno.