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Friday, January 27, 2006

36-week checkup

Quick! Sorry!
Hemoglobin good. Blood pressure good. Protein good.
Gained 2.7 lbs. in 2.7 weeks. Good.
Baby's heartbeat in 140s-ish. Good.
Baby is head down, but turning side to side. Good. Baby's not fully "engaged" ("dropped") yet. No problem.
I'm starting to dilate ("a fingertip," she said, which is not quite a 1). Good.
And... I'm 50-75% effaced! Making progress!

Of course, when I asked the nurse-practitioner exactly how she could tell I was effacing ("thinning"), because she just goes in and pokes around a bit, and it's not like you can exactly take a caliper to a cervix, she admitted it was kind of a guess. So, take it for what it's worth.

Still feeling good. Happy weekend to all!


Rebecca said...

Sounds like everything is good...what does effaced mean again?

Did you go to Twinsfest?

Meg said...

We didn't make it to TwinsFest. With Lulu's fever and not sleeping well, and a couple other things going on all weekend, we just couldn't squeeze it in.

Effaced is... hmmm. Okay, imagine your cervix as a roll of toilet paper standing on end. When the hole in the middle gets bigger, that's "dilating". When the roll itself gets shorter, that's "effacing." It's a thinning out of the cervix. Does that make sense? :)

Rebecca said...

Cool. That is a good way of explaining it! Thanks!

peggles said...

i liked your explination of effacement! very good! i usually demonstrate effacing and dialating using my fist. it is more of a demonstrative explination. i really like your verbal explination so much that i think i might use it myself!
as an L & D nurse, i had to laugh at your take on the VE- "she just goes in and pokes around a bit". yes, we do go in and poke around- to see if the hole in the middle of the tiolet paper roll is bigger and if the roll is shorter. duh! really, i feel an uncontrollable urge to clarify this. she knew you were effacing based on: (well, this is how i figure it out) 1.what you cervix felt like while not prergnant or early in pregnancy and 2.the non laboring cervix is normally 2-4+ cm long and about 1cm thick. so, that is how she was able to determine your exam.
congrats on the progress!
happy wednesday!

Meg said...

OK, but Peg, I'm still confused. Well, A) it was not my usual doctor, and even if it was, would she really remember how my cervix felt the last time she checked it, like a month ago? I would imagine she checks several cerv..i...ces(?) a day.
B) She is only feeling one end of the TP roll. it's not like she can feel down from the top to see how close her fingers are together. You know what I'm sayin'? I guess I still don't see how she can tell if the roll is any shorter than it was before. But maybe I'm misunderstanding the concept. Probably, actually. :)